● Free Dove NOVEMBER Hunt
● Hunt Starts on November 9th – November 30th, 2021

Two amazing designers:

PANDAMOMO… Owner and creator is Giada Breyer

EZMERELDA’s DOLLS… Owner and creator is Ezmerelda Optera

Get to know GIADA……

~ Giada is a super creative designer. She started designing in 2007 for her friends and thought why not design more and sell the clothes for everyone inworld around 2008. She started creating because of her passion for art and painting. Her plan is to continue to grow and make each design to its perfection. She admires the cute style of Kawaii which she might create later. For the moment she is training herself with styles such as Goth, Steampunk, and even classic style. She thinks creating her own mesh might be difficult but she loves a good challenge. Favorite colors are lavender and black. Great combination!

Thanks Giada for being part of Free Dove and to be able to collaborate with all the members and visitors. You are special.

Ezmerelda’s Dolls

Get to know Ezmerelda

About EZMERELDA’s:{DOLLS} by Ezmerelda Optera

~ Amazing designer! Super creative, always enjoying working at her store creating beautiful items. Her best friends call her Ezzy She loves drawing and loves creating shoes, jewelry and clothing. She enjoys working with Omega appliers and mesh clothing. Her designs are inspirational and they are now dedicated to her lovely sister which was a great designer in SL. Lyrieal left us to become a beautiful angel in 2016. Both always joined Free Dove hunts in those times and now Ezmerelda is back again doing hunts, something that she enjoys to the max. I admire her because she is a very family-oriented lady. Thanks to her lovely sister (R.I.P.) I met Ezzy back in 2015.

Thanks for collaborating with Free Dove in this month, 2021, and bringing us happiness by sharing your talent.




Free Dove is a huge building with gardens and a plaza.
You will need more time for this area.

These are the areas where the gifts could be!! Don’t look only inside and don’t give up!

Thanks for being part of Free Dove Hunt. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. See you in October with more designers that you would also love!



Lots of Halloween gifts at the 2021 Halloween Table.

Teleport to this spot HALLOWEEN TABLE <——- Click Here for teleport

Every year Free Dove lets Free Dove designer members to rezz that extra holiday gift at a special spot

So far stores participating are:

Thanks to these designers, visit their stores for more by clicking their names for their store location!

{Chaotic} by Thela inniatzo

~Mani Pedi~ by Miyushu Babii

Ydea by Emy Burt

Pandamomo by Giada Breyer

MELT by Winter Lazuli

VIPs Creations with Bee Tizzy

Shelbyfied by Shelby Monitor

WitchCraft by Hella Hexe

.::BE BOLD::. by Hillary Hadisson

Tastic by SpunkyGrl

Le’La by Miamilu

Kalani’s Design by kalanisansome

Lara AC by Augustacarnelian bka “Lara”

*STARS* by Stars Aichi

I n’ K Original by Inannaalexia bka “Ina”

Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs by Jezzixa Cazalet

Nilsy by Nils tomorrow

Madcatcreations Boutique by Madcatclaudia Restless

Bad Rabbit by Vlpangel

Pyps by Pysia

MYBAGS by 13mila13.blauvelt bka “Mila”

Free Dove October Hunt




Three amazing Free Dove designers collaborating with Free Dove. Joining their forces to bring to the visitors of FREE DOVE 30 amazing gifts. Here they are, their hunting keys.

This October Hunt, Free Dove & our three designers/sponsors will celebrate October holiday “HALLOWEEN”

It is time to get ready and start this hunting. Easy to fine I am sure, if not, it is Halloween, lets work a little more for the gifts. Oh! you need to know what you are looking for. What object???

Cute objects, no? Look everywhere. The little ghost can trick you. But the other two objects be aware of their maybe fake smile *grin*

Remember, to grab the Free Dove Group <——– Click

Stop by Free Dove first to grab the group and find FIVE gifts from EACH of the three designers. That makes it 15…. then teleport to each of the designer’s mainstore to grab the other 15…. Yes, 5 per designer:




Good luck in finding all the great GIFTS!!