One upon a time I was browsing marketplace….

and saw these amazing nail polish. Soooooooooo sexy, well I had to, I just had to!!! Had to check on this nail polish designer! OMG OMG OMG, her store is this cutest store, you all have check it out. Well her name isย Tarani Tempest…. I said wow, this designer needs to be part of Free […]

Lets check on updates!!!

Hannah has updated her gift and even added another… for nails… gorgeous neutral colors with a nice looking gloss on them… What do you all think? I better grab them because they are appliers for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega systems…. She updated this gorgeous lingerie set, in another color

yay! another update today by someone everyone likes!!

Jezzixa from Prism… She put in accessories table the cutest ever necklace It has this sophisticated touch little silver purse as a charm…. You must come and grab it.. and after you do, don’t forget to stop by her store! Grab that landmark!! here is how it looks

Summer is here and Sweet E’s Designs knows this very well…

Check this awsome outfit with shorts and a fun looking shirt. If you were looking for short outfits come to Free Dove!! Sweet E’s one of our designers now for a few months also will participate in Fashion Dazzle for Summer Theme event and is currently participating in the Film Noir Fashion Dazzle in May. […]

Free Dove news!! Designers Joining recently…

Let me start telling you that I am excited to start this new blog for Free Dove. I have always wanted to keep the Free Dove familyย updated with the changes, such as all the amazing designers that join us constantly. I have invited a few designers to be part of Free Dove. I will go […]