Some people ask me, “why can’t I take this gift???”  “But I have the group, I am a member of the group Free Dove! Ladies, gentlemen…. you MUST, but MUST MUST MUST…. “Show” the group title…. what is the title? Yes, the tag?   well it is “BLESSED BY A DOVE”, sure, the dove of Free Dove have blessed you with all these goodies and awsome gifts from our designers. You MUST SEE over your head or read over your avatar head the words “Blessed By A Dove” .  It is NOT only wear tag. It must “show” over your head, that you can READ IT!!!Read More →

In Free Dove one of my fav makeup designers! She is Tara from Shiny Stuff!  If you haven’t gone there to her store, you have no idea how much you are missing. I even love going to go there to inspire myself, maybe someday I start making makeup! lol but omg this designer has the best super duper colors for eyes and lips and nails…. If you want to spoil yourself go visit her store. Let me give you the tp here now before I forget:   Tp to Shiny Stuff (Click here)     but but, this is what I want to tell you now!Read More →

As usually I like to do, and show you in my series on Wednesdays, sorry I skipped a few, so much to do!! lol but I have fun checking some items inside my inventory that I even buy from our Free Dove designer’s members stores or sometimes a designer from Free Dove finds me a nice wardrobe and I love wearing it because these designers do so much for us giving to Free Dove. So, this Wednesday I am wearing this awsome dress from [WellMade] Now, please read! this dress is NOT at Free Dove, you have to get it at her store. She hasRead More →

Visit Free Dove this weekend especially to grab these items by Ishara. Our designer from Ishara, Isabel, such a fun lady that enjoys to participate with us at Signature Dove. Free Dove and Fashion Dazzle. But at Free Dove she gave us TWO awsome gifts. Lovely boots, go-go style, super sexy. Now, ladies, these boots are for Slink users and belleza, 5 sizes, but it is free so take them and check if you can wear them, why not try? Also she added an outfit, shirt with sleeves and pants. Here is the photo. Enjoy everyone!! Then visit her store at:   Teleport here to Ishara,Read More →

Free Dove group is:  Join the Free Dove Group by clicking here Teleport to Free Dove here:  Click here to Teleport straight to Free Dove Now! Find this from CERO STYLE DESIGN!!   Ok see this amazing dress? it is by Osterhase, one of my favorite designers of all time!!! Come and grab this GORGEOUS evening gown. This is Fitmesh Gown that comes in 5 Sizes and come with Flexi Skirt. Classic avatars can use also. This is CERO STYLE Designs… After this, please visit her store at:  Teleport here to Cero Style If you guys want to join her group also, which is great,Read More →

A lovely lady that I met not to long ago just left a wonderful gift at Free Dove. This gift contains a shape and a skin. Is for classic bodies. I know the majority in SL wear those awsome mesh bodies but Free Dove doesn’t forget of our new residents and how wonderful they can also look if they can’t afford the mesh bodies. The designer is Shei from Shei Shapes and Skin, which she is also participating at the event of Fashion Dazzle, visit her there also.  Fashion Dazzle Themed Event *Click Here* For Free Dove to get the gift go inside The FreeRead More →

This designer is the creator of Finale Couture, she has lots of great items at her store, but at Free Dove she left us 2 great gifts you will love. Yes, is for ladies, (sorry guys) but these are super awsome and sexy dresses. Here are the pictures. this outfit also for classic avatars, beautiful pant set. Also another gift is this one.. We hope you enjoy these gifts. Let me give you a link to join the free dove group. You would need the group to grab the gift. Group: Click here for Free Dove Group    (Be sure you show the tag) Free DoveRead More →

I forgot to post that EccentriciXi Mainstore put their new gift at Free Dove. I told you on August 16th that coming soon the designer from this store which she is a great friend and very kind person left a great gift. Remember that post “Wednesday wardrobe for Dove (Palomma Casanova)?  I said “coming soon” and then I didn’t post it. Sorry guys, but here is it now. So teleport to Free Dove and find this adorable outfit for ladies. Click here to tp to FREE DOVE Join Free Dove Group:  Join Free Dove Group, click here The outfit name is NEVIS. Great outfit thatRead More →

These designers are just lovely… Great people, you guys need to visit their  mainstores and remember, always buy from these designers that love to help the community, not only grab freebies but also appreciate what they do for us at Free Dove. Here are a few: Oh! and not only that, let them know where you heard about them! This mesh hair by Meef from “Fabia Hair” is one of them, she brought a new hair, super cute, with a hud. For Free Dove. Wear your group of course! Also, one of my awsome friend, a designer from the well known store [WellMade]. Definitely thisRead More →

Our lovely designer from Artizana, updated the dress that was at the table before, I posted here last time and now she has this lovely sexy dress for the ladies. And also updated the men’s gift with this Lakana XI. Totally something different to have in Free Dove. Lets tp to Free Dove to check these items: Click here to take a tp to Free Dove Join Free Dove group here:   Click here for Free Dove Group Artizana Main Store Location:  Click here for Artizana teleportRead More →