Don’t Forget September Mini Hunt has started

This month of September we have awsome designers (yea, like always, *smile*)

First you need to join the group, so click here: Β Click me!

Be sure you show the title “Blessed by a Dove” if not you cannot get the gifts

Let me present to you our “SEPTEMBER EXCELLENCY STARS”

Three big sponsors of Free Dove. Two of them is their second time this year doing the hunt. One of them is the first time. Welcome to KingbalStore by Pablo

Remember 10 gifts!! Each designer. Six gifts at Free Dove and 4 at their stores.

Here are their banners so you can go by…

Roxie from ROA has “Bottle Wines” around

Join her group too!

Β Click here to join ROA

to find the other 4 gifts, click this link here for teleport

Click Here to teleport to ROA

Emerald Couture, 2nd time participating in our mini hunts! Thanks Jiejie

Click here to teleport to Emerald Couture

Click here to join group of Emerald Couture

And for the first time is Kingbalstore

You can also join the designer’s group

Click here to join Kingbalstore Group!

Click Here to teleport to Kingbalstore

These are the objects you will look for!