New Designer at Free Dove, and you going to love her!!

This designer is the creator of Finale Couture, she has lots of great items at her store, but at Free Dove she left us 2 great gifts you will love. Yes, is for ladies, (sorry guys) but these are super awsome and sexy dresses. Here are the pictures.

this outfit also for classic avatars, beautiful pant set. Also another gift is this one..

We hope you enjoy these gifts. Let me give you a link to join the free dove group. You would need the group to grab the gift.

Group: Click here for Free Dove Group    (Be sure you show the tag)

Free Dove Location at:     Free Dove teleport click here

Finale Couture Landmark:    Finale Couture teleport, click here

Finale Couture Group:  Finale Couture Group (Click Here)  (100L Fee)