New Designer joining our Free Dove!

A lovely lady that I met not to long ago just left a wonderful gift at Free Dove. This gift contains a shape and a skin. Is for classic bodies. I know the majority in SL wear those awsome mesh bodies but Free Dove doesn’t forget of our new residents and how wonderful they can also look if they can’t afford the mesh bodies.

The designer is Shei from Shei Shapes and Skin, which she is also participating at the event of Fashion Dazzle, visit her there also.  Fashion Dazzle Themed Event *Click Here*

For Free Dove to get the gift go inside The Free Dove to grab it, the gift is by the skin / shape table on a single table  The Free Dove at Gallii

Of course join our group and be sure you wear the “Blessed by a Dove” tag   The Free Dove Group (click to join)

This is the photo of the box you will look for. Contains the shape and skin ONLY. Dress or hair or shoes you see is not included

And if you want to visit her store, that you should, please visit her location landmark at:  Shei Shapes teleport, click here