Halloween Holiday Table

Goodies!!!! BoooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo   Free Dove have Halloween Gifts from some of our lovely designers, maybe tomorrow we see more!   Halloween table, just for the holiday!!                  Click here to take a tp to Free Dove Luxe Paris big gift orange box Kingbalstores (the grey bag) CC Signature […]

Dove Special Wednesday’s Wardrobe

Today Dove wears clothes from Graffitiwear. But first, I wanted to tell all members of Free Dove that there is an update by Graffitiwear. This time Chalice updated her casual outfit for a long more sophisticated dress. A beautiful shimmer gown!! So tp to Free Dove, click here  tp to Free Dove Don’t forget to […]

Before October is over…

Sorry all, I forget to tell you that Gidget from Gidget Styles is so good to us and every month she loves to update her gift box for all of us at Free Dove!! So, I do want to remind you that. What a lovely designer to do that for Free Dove!! But just most […]

Firelight adds more hair to Free Dove

Definitely short hair was needed at Free Dove and Firelight as always kind to visitors of Free Dove added this unisex hair that has a color wheel to ting hair to  your liking… Unrigged Mesh Hair with a Resizer. Just exclusive for Free Dove. Thanks to Teresa Firelight! Want more choices of hair? Visit Firelight […]

Dove’s Special Wednesday Wardrobe Blog…

This time I will show designers that ARE NOT in Free Dove yet but I hope some day they will. If you see these designers, tell them “PALOMMA CASANOVA wants you at FREE DOVE” *smile* What do you think everyone?  However, I know in fact that one of them will be soon before the end […]

New Designers arriving at Free Dove

It has been a pleasure to receive at Free Dove dedicated and talented designers that care for new people and others with lower income. These are visitors that someday will be builders, designers and just needed a little push at the beginning of their start. It is nice to receive these well established designers who […]

October Mini Hunt

I hope most of you didn’t forget the October Mini Hunt. I am sure you haven’t. Constantly I see Free Dove pack of people. I am sure you come to grab the great gifts our October Mini Hunt Designers are hidding around. As you know, well our three Excellency Star Designers are super amazing. By […]

Dove’ Special Wednesday Wardrobe….

Hello all… another week goes by and I wanted to show my wardrobe today as I love to do on Wednesday in “Dove’ Special Wednesday Wardrobe”. It is sweet / sour to get to organize your inventory but at the same time is fun because you see all you really have and what you need, […]

New Post with NEW MAINSTORE joining

        And I just love this store and their designers… I am thrilled to present and welcome LUXE Paris. Amazing, stunning, classy, glamour, gorgeous is all I see on this great gift that is now on one of our tables. The great thing about this is that it is comparable with mesh […]