We hope that you truly enjoyed the gifts of our November designers, Alaskametro, Gidget’s Style and IsInsomnia. Hopefully they will return next year. Thank you to these Free Dove Sponsors. They are true and excellency Stars for Free Dove members! Congratulations again to our “Designer of the Month of November” which is Iseult McPherson from I.M. Collection. Don’t forget to visit these wonderful 4 designer’s mainstore for their dedication and giving to FREE DOVE. Thanks!!   Tomorrow a new Mini Hunt!Read More →

New Designer maker of poses, bento friendly!   KandleKan is our new designer’s name that joined Free Dove. Her store name is Po^Z Come and grab this pose for your poses collections to make photographs. This is awsome and I want to welcome this poses designer. This is the designer’s picture, the box is in the back where the free AO’s are Enjoy!   After you grab her wonderful free pose at Free Dove, teleport to her store at:   Po^Z tp So come to Free Dove and grab this POSE Click here:   TP TO FREE DOVE Click Group to grab the gift :       Read More →

Bliss is a new store with us. The designer name is MissBliss. I am super excited to have this designer at Free Dove. She left us these cute dress Betthany Lovely this dress. Everyone can wear it. Even if you have mesh body or not. Short and cute, with a hud so you can change textures and wear it many times. Some of the newer people in Sl get worry about mesh dresses but your should not. Just wear the alpha and you will be ok. Take your time if you are looking for a mesh body when you are new. Some bodies you haveRead More →

Lovely Light Green dress by Santino Design. He updated the one pant set he had there for a few months, so don’t search for that one anymore. Now, we have this lovely and super cute dress. Halter summer dress. Doesn’t have to be summer to wear this. You can wear anywhere to even go shopping in the fall. And if you get cold, I am sure you can find a jacket in Free Dove and make a whole complete outfit with accessories. What do you think? Here is a picture of this cute dress!! So don’t you think is super cute? Remember you must wearRead More →

I am super excited to see another awsome designer. This designer is italian. Free Dove is international of course!! She will be soon at Fashion Dazzle also. The name of the store is AnaStyle!! She is a lovely lady to talk to. I am so lucky to find these designers. Here it is, let me show you… Especially if you like black outfits like me! Come to Free Dove to grab this ….. here is the TP Click here to TP to Free Dove But remember, if you don’t show the tag of the group “The Free Dove” you cannot grab this fabulous gift!! And,Read More →

I present to you Free Dove’s monthly designer (in November/2017), an amazing creator who has taken part into Signature Dove events! Lots of Thanks! She also updated her gift at Free Dove now and it looks like this:   the one before she had is this one and she left it at Free Dove for a few longer in case you haven’t tp’ed to grab it Tp to Free Dove!   Click here to tp to Free Dove Tp to I.M. Collection! To to I.M Collection’s Mainstore   Join groups: Free Dove Group to join I.M. Collection Group (50L fee)  Read More →

Lets get ready for a New Mini Hunt at Free Dove. But first lets thanks October’s Mini Hunt Designers; Loordes of London, Gypsy Chic and Glint Jewerly November 1st, you can start new Mini Hunt. Remember to join the group to grab these items. Designers are ~Alaskametro~ ~Gidget’s Style~ ~IsInsomnia~ Here are your items!Read More →