Designer ~EccentriciXi~ Updating her gift at Free Dove

Check it out, ladies…

Gotta love this red pencil dress, short above the knees, pretty sexy also

Great for different bodies, come on down to Free Dove for her new Free Dove gift!!!

Not only that she is ready for the “Valentine’s Holiday Table” as usually we add and she rezzed a super sexy, sensual dress at this table also.

She is the first one to rezz one since I haven’t even announce that I rezz a Valentine table!

Men didn’t stay behind for Valentines since EccentriciXi added awsome pants for the men!!

First, join The Free Dove group to be able to grab the gift!

Join Group (Free Dove)

Time to teleport by clicking this link  “Here”

And of course, after this always visit their mainstore at:   Click here to tp to the designer’s mainstore

New Designer at Free Dove

This is jewerly! Awsome red set by Kimbra McMillan from Beloved Jewelry. A super elegant set for your romantic nights!

Found only at FREE DOVE!!

Especially now for your Valentine dates, no?

Beloved Jewerly, click here for faster tp:  Gift of Beloved Jewerly (Free Dove)

Also, join our group and be sure you are showing the tag “Blessed by a Dove” over your head

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Re-joining Free Dove

We have again a lovely designer. She is back!!!

Check this gorgeous dress. From a well known designer AgataRosa


A beautiful sexy blue dress for our Free Dove lovely ladies

Slink body fit, classic also, maitreya, woot.. Got to love it

TP To Free Dove now!


!!BHB!! just updated and added items at Free Dove

!!BHB!! Just added for men shorts and also long pants. I know men also needed some items. Please help me spread the word!! Take a look at these awsome shorts.

Hope the guys can come and check on these!!

And for the girls !!BHB!!  left a gorgeous swimsuit. I know maybe is a little cold these days but soon will get warmer. Come grab it anyway!!

TP here, just click to go to Free Dove