!!BHB!! Just added for men shorts and also long pants. I know men also needed some items. Please help me spread the word!! Take a look at these awsome shorts. Hope the guys can come and check on these!! And for the girls !!BHB!!  left a gorgeous swimsuit. I know maybe is a little cold these days but soon will get warmer. Come grab it anyway!! TP here, just click to go to Free DoveRead More →

Left us the most coolest boots…she is a truly fashionista for sure. Get Pink for ladies!! Ultra boots Yes, our new Free Dove Designer from “SEVYN*EAST APPAREL” They are lovely and also the are great for classic avatars and if you have already the slink feet Come to Free Dove for these TP to:  TP click here for map to Gallii and as you know you do need Free Dove Group to grab the item Group:  Click here for Free Dove Group And don’t forget to stop by her store and check what else she has, you never know… Her Landmark is:   SEVYNRead More →

Brand new area next to Free Dove. Dedicating this area to everyone, especially to the fans of Free Dove. Enjoy some discount shopping. 10 stores to enjoy soon. Teleport to Free Dove. New Designers welcome to be part of Free Dove and Free Dove Dazzling Plaza An area for new residents to enjoy, and dance, and shop, at FREE DOVE! Teleport here:   Click to teleport to new Free Dove areaRead More →

Free Dove with Mini Hunts, starting always as usual on the first week In January we have two designers but three stores A super designer Rebellah Antoinette D’ Arcy (Deloreen), owner of “Marquesse Pret a Porter” An another super designer~ JieJie Emerald with Emerald Couture and Shoe-ddiction Both of them hid their gifts and Shoe-ddiction finishing and adding the shoes and the end of the day today So, come to Free Dove to start with these  Click to tp to Free Dove Join the group of Free Dove:    Click here for Free Dove GroupRead More →