Dove’s REZZ DAY today April 5th.. WOW 14 years

To Free Dove fans…

I wanted to share this. Forteen years in SL… can you believe such a thing?  Where have time gone? Here I am at my computer chair thinking, time flies….

I was so excited to start Second Life, never thought I would use Second Life as my long time hobbie.

We didn’t look that great back then when we spawned. lol  New people are so lucky now!!!

It was just fun, was so small. I missed beta for only 6 months!!!

From that  “I don’t understand this game” look or thoughts to end up being the owner and creator of The Free Dove, the rest is history of all the things I have done in Second Life!


How but how a current 2018 newbie complains a lot about their avatars??????? I don’t understand!!! But I thought I was so sexy!!! Look at my amazing Hair BANGS!! But this last picture with my shiny Palomma necklace was at the end of 2004… MY NEW LOOK!!!!  *wink*

By the end of 2004, I created my Designer store…. Believe it or not, I was a designer back then!!!!  I created about 20 outfits for my store “The White Dove~Palomma’s Fashions” interesting store name *smile*

I left designing because there were so much to do. I decided to open a mega modeling school name DOVEVOGUE. At that time DOVEVOGUE grew and grew to have around 200 models, it was so popular being a model back then and I taught who I could just how to model and do the runway.  We did 98 fashion shows, and helped introduce many many designers back then. A few of them still around!!!  Even the big well known billionare now in RL… Anshe Chung was a designer in 2004 and she did a fashion show with DoveVogue … wow!!!!!!!!  There was something always to do. Talking about work, that modeling school took all my time. But I had great help from friends.

One thing is that I would never forget my first mentors, they were from 2003…. Chip Midnight, Mistress Midnight, Cinda Valentino and Torrid Midnight. They taught me Second Life. I also learned to give and be there for others, that you could do this in a game. I learned that from these four great people and from Misty Rhodes.

I learned from Misty to give. She always had a Freebie event where so many people came to receive her gifts. It was the best. Not to long ago I learned that Misty ended up being a linden for Second Life but she is back to be a normal player again.



Believe it or not, I saw the first animation in Second Life, the first shoe made, the first skin…. I saw the first prim creation on skirts, the flexy skirt… The beautiful big sticking hair *laugh* This is no joke, this is how it was!!


It was all party time when someone created something. I surely don’t miss the main “hubs” where we landed and we had to fly far far far to our destinations and land on top of many other avies with poofs…. the first animation in Second Life was a party…. The ZHAO was our first ever override, I was even part of the names of avies to contact for questions back then. We even had a first class on how to help new users, believe it or not!!

Time passed…. and later around 2006 I decided to start a school where I could teach everyone how Second Life works… But wow… I am still learning all that lol

Second Life has changed so much after all those years…. The most important thing is to enjoy to the max!!


Believe it or not, I have a picture of the creator of Second Life… Philip Linden back then…


Funny huh!!  At that time, we all have meetings of how to improve Second Life and all… Lovely hair he had!!


Mesh Era… YAY… wonderful years passed and here we are…..

With all the mesh avatars now… LOVE IT!!!  The hairs… I just got a big collection of all I can!!!    OMG SHOES!!!!!!!!! Got many many

and Friends!   I am still own my same lands from 2004 when I decided to live in SL.

Even thou I dedicate now to my newer venue DAZZLE Event….I love still bringing the community FREE DOVE and to continue helping all designers that enjoy helping me bringing the best to FREE DOVE…. Thank you…

Hopefully more and more designers keep joining Free Dove to help others as I was helped in 2004.


Free Dove old look pictures in 2005

Now and then with Free Dove….. Always to help others… I love to have my lands for the community and help them. Thanks to those that help me follow my Second Life ideas.



I am so glad, our avies can look better. Our skins, our heads, faces, body, clothing, jewerly, so much we can do now!

And wow, I am a total blond now in Second Life… how did that happen? The Good thing is that in Second Life we can be anyone, we can be who we want and wear beautiful clothing like my picture here from D!vine styles. I love this dress on the picture, now in DAZZLE Event… and jewerly from CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY for sure…. a must have hair from the famous Truth Hawks, an inspiration to any creator.


Thanks for following Free Dove blogs and continuing joining the groups and visiting both Free Dove and Dazzle.