New designer at Free Dove

I added 2 different items at Free Dove that are different. Since is SL and we can be who we want I decided to add these fun looking horns. They look extremely different as all the accessories we are used to see at Free Dove tables. These are “Mystic Mana Horns” with animated Textures. Three different colors. By Zyn.

If you are into RP, you might find some good use to them. These are placed at the Fantasy/Costume table, close to the wall of fame Free Dove sponsor wall.

Also, a set of jewelry. Another fantasy item but we placed it at the accessories table. This set of jewelry, “The Imperial Lotus” comes with a crown, choker and armband.

These are not mesh, more older items but I thought they look cute for those of you that like the game and play role plays and fantasies.

So, if you are into RP, even thou I don’t allow certain RP at Free Dove, this is ok. Feel free to wear it around Free Dove *smile*

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