Recent Update by {Poeme}

One of Free Dove favorite and giving designer is Elysiane Sapphire from the store {Poème}. She is so great to Free Dove that she offers usually three gifts in three of the category tables. A beautiful dress, sandals and a pair of gorgeous earrings. Here they are. Cute Rosy Posie Mini Dress in Cream. A […]

The beautiful FREE DOVE is here for you!!

Visit us at (click here) FREE DOVE The Free Dove is an institution of SL since 2005, created by Palomma Casanova. Back in the days, I had the dream to help the new residents to know the names of top designers in SL while at the same time the new resident could dress with top […]

KITTYCATS at Free Dove!!

Yes, it is KITTYCATS, now at Free Dove to celebrate their 7th birthday. It is an honor to have Kittycats at Free Dove for sure. Just click the sign by it and get all the information to this fun hunt that is around different places in SL. Grab the blue kittycat which is the male […]

AsHMoOT is at FREE DOVE now for good!

AsHMoOT did an awsome Mini Hunt in May, remember? Well, everyone missed Kristabel gifts…. I invited her to add a gift on Free Dove tables and she did this fab item that all ladies will go crazy for it!  I think men too !! but to see the ladies this sexy! Check this out! Ms […]

New at Free Dove!

I just invited to Free Dove an awsome store “CONTINUUM”. The lovely designer is Kiera Cameron. So, I decided to wear it around and wow, it is lovely!! Just the style I love. This outfit you need to wear it because it shows all the nice curves of your avatar body without showing anything “private” *wink* […]

Hair, Hair, everyone loves hair… ~News~

The Former Posh stores and Sassitude, merged to become “SASSY” now!! Designer name is our lovely “VampirePam”   but better known as, sweet “Pam” just call her that way! After a few time when she had a short break she went by POSH, then a few friends with her had the store Sassitude  but now, she […]

LUXE Paris is back at FREE DOVE

I am very happy to see one of LUXE Paris designers to returned to Free Dove and update her gift box. Thanks for this beautiful update. Here is what they left us at the tables of Free Dove. What a gorgeous dress!!! This dress is all for mesh bodies and standard SL Body as you […]

Beautiful Skin added on the table at Free Dove by ESODE

Welcome ESODE Skins I want to give thanks to ESODE, Cleo Twist, which is the owner of Esode, approached me to donate some of her skin to new people in SL of course visitors of Free Dove. This gorgeous skin is now available at the skin table. You can find this skin only at Free […]

Designer of the Month of June, 2018 goes to……. SWEET E’s

SWEET E’ store is unbelievable. Shopping in there is like being in heaven because of all the choices you can have. Sweet E is owned by one of the most awsome and heart giving, caring designer, ƐƖуѕє Ɗυηɗєє (Elyse Sirnah). Has been designing for such a long time. Elyse is a faithful member of Free […]