CleopatraDove wants to invite all Fans of Free Dove to visit and grab Halloween gifts from our designers!!

Free Dove as usual have a Halloween tradition where we invite all our FREE DOVE Designers to share the holiday!!

Here is the HOLIDAY TABLE!

Thanks to our Designers:

Dollen McMillan and Dyannia from Active Urban and D!vine Style!

Danielle Idigo from *Lurve*

Alice Klinger from Alli&Ali

Amethestpearl with TRS

Stars Aichi from *Stars Fashion*

kierracameron from Continuum Fashion

Emy Burt From YDEA brought costume for a woman and a man

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween this year!!

Beautiful update by {Poeme}

You have to love {Poeme}. The designer Elysiane Sapphire loves to keep her items updated for us at Free Dove!

{Poeme} Muriel Paisley Vintage Dress (Verdis) is what Elysiane is offering now at Free Dove. A beautiful sophisticated dress for the ladies. Definitely one of my favorites as I love this style!

Also, she has updated shoes. These are a great selection! These are gorgeous Platform heels. {Poeme} Sparkle Platform Heels (Bubble). Check the icons on the box always to learn what is good for your avatar body.

These are now for you at FREE DOVE… Click here to Teleport Now!

Remember it is very important to join Free Dove Group and be sure your tag is visible over your avatar’s head.

After you grab these beautiful updates, please visit {Poeme}

{Poeme} for your gifts!!


Free Dove wants to remind to everyone that there is a wonderful plaza with eleven amazing stores. Free Dove invites you to visit and find amazing discounts. Lets review the Free Dove Plaza 11 stores.

Two beautiful atmosphere, gorgeous garden to go thru the stores. When you use the teleports provided here using the map to view location when you land, just turn your avie and the store is right by you. Enjoy!

Click here for South Entrance

Click here for North Entrance

Here is a list of Free Dove Discount Stores

Lets start with Anny’s Fashion

Beautiful Anny’s Fashion, she is also Free Dove Sponsor and designer. Teleport Now to visit Anny’s Fashion

Next we have Moonstar Store…

Moonstar is another great participant of Free Dove. The designer’s name is Vamilia Vella. Teleport Now to enjoy shopping at Moonstar.

Firelight Hair Store is across these two stores…

Can’t miss this store since is the closest to one of Free Dove entrances. This is Firelight by Theresa Firelight.  She has also free hair inside Free Dove, but at her store she has great discount prices from some of her most popular hairs. Lets get some beautiful hair by teleporting now to Firelight Hair

Next we have {Chaotic}

Fun a colorful store, this one is by Thela Inniatzo. Worth it to come and visit and see her discounts. For this colorful and awsome store, click here to Teleport Now!

On the other side of the Free Dove Plaza from left to right we have NOW & WOW. 

Definitely lots of stuff here to find, even shapes! Now & Wow is the store to visit for that item you need. Click here to Teleport Now to Now & Wow!

Next to this store we have Cygnus Designs. This store designer is Bastilla Loon. Free Dove Plaza store is her base store.

Definitely another store to stop by. To visit Cygnus Design, click here to Teleport Now

Sweet E’s with a sweet look. Gotta love this store. I also recommend. Lots of beautiful outfit sets.  Time to visit Sweet E’s, click here to Teleport Now

Next store next to Sweet E’s is…

Right now EccentriciXi is offering Halloween outfits. Good time to come and visit to find discount holiday outfits!! Click here to visit EccentriciXi: Teleport Now

Next store is…

Maci, another fun store. Sexy outfits for the ladies. Discount prices. A must see!! 
Click here to teleport to MACI Store:   Teleport Now

Next to the almost front of it follows by AvaGirl

The designer’s name is Lilac Niven. Beautiful sets of mesh outfits you would love to wear. Click here to teleport to AvaGirl Discount Store at the plaza:   Teleport Now

Last but not least we have a unique store Active Urban

This store have unique items to buy. It is a totally fun store. You will find awsome and unique letterings to place in walls and pictures, seats, games, memory game and much more! A fun gadget store at Free Dove Plaza

Click here to tp to Active Urban: Teleport now

Welcome back {Amiable}

We have missed you and we love to see you back at Free Dove!

{amiable} is woman clothing shop in SL that you would adore. Nodoka Vella is a Japanese designer that loves to be part of Free Dove. She speaks Japanese and English.

Not only that Nodoka loves to create original mesh items. You will find more of her new creations at Collabor88. She creates also the most beautiful kimonos out there. She has more gifts at her location. You should also join her group!!  (Click here for her group)

This is her location in world…. Click Here to teleport to her store:

{Amiable Mainstore}

Free Dove visitors for sure will be enjoying visiting  her store. But first, teleport to Free Dove and grab this free item that she carefully selected for Free Dove friends.

Click here for Free Dove Location

and join Free Dove group to grab {Amiable’s} gift

Enjoy all!  And don’t forget to visit {Amiable}

Beautiful gift that can be perfect for classic avatars and some of the mesh avatars! Fall season is definitely here now!!


Men Hair Addition

Firelight Hair Selections added hair for men. Teresa Firelight always helping Free Dove with her talented creations. She has now 2 hair do’s for men and 4 gorgeous looks for women

She added this week this for men

This next one has been at Free Dove and is UNISEX so ladies that love short hair can wear it also!!

These are the beautiful hair for ladies… Enjoy!

Firelight was August Designer of the Month…

For more info about Firelight visit her Designer of the Month page inside Free Dove blog by clicking here:   Firelight Designer of the Month Blog