A New Year For FREE DOVE

This is entering another decade for The FREE DOVE. As you know The Free Dove was founded and created in 2005 and now is 2020, wow!! so many years has passed and Free Dove still there and strong and being one of the most popular Free gifts stores for avatar appearance and accessories and easy access store for new residents. It is also the store in which many designers trust to expose their name brand to be recognized and promoted. That is why Free Dove does its best to accept great designers and search for them.

Free Dove is also for the avatar that is not so new but still have a difficult time buying clothes at the moment but would remember later the designer that helped them once to look good to find a job in SL for example.

One of our goals this year is to rebuild the old old build, created in 2005, old prims yes, I know, but it is truly an old landmark in SL where everyone can recognized from the old days. But it is time to get a little more modern for the new player. It won’t be all fancy because we want to keep that traditional look.

I want to also give big thanks to Guy Linden for asking to sell me the SL private road that belonged to lindens for so many years and was donated to Free Dove last year. This road divided part of the sim. Now it is all together. This way now Free Dove is owning the entire Gallii sim and of course my home land since 2005. Being now 16 years for me, Palomma Casanova of being in Second Life.

I have wonderful designers that become sponsors of Free Dove, last year we had a few more that joined.

Some are older designers that have supported The Free Dove for a while with donations, participating in events, renting stores inside the Free Dove Plaza and also renting adboards and participating in past hunts. Hopefully, we can have a couple of hunts this 2020.

Some of our designers were doing all these were offered an individual table with their logos. Grab those landmarks at each table!! Many of the individual tables offer up to 4 gifts from the same designer. Some of the designer individual tables have male items also and shoes.

Here is also our new logo!!

If you would like a copy of the texture of this logo to add to your boards or walls, just send me IM. I also have panels!!

Keep joining Free Dove Group!! We are close to make it to 100,000 members this year. Thanks for your support…

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