FREE DOVE and THE STAY at HOME CLUB have joined forces along with others businesses in SL to promote this important global rule! Stay home for now and be safe… Many designers are and continue offering free gifts for everyone while visiting many of their in world stores.. Free Dove Designers can now apply to […]

The Free Dove Logo 2020

Time to modify our Free Dove Logo a little after years. We have sure modified it a few times but is 2020 we had to do it one more time. Here it is… We wanted to show that The Free Dove is from our Top Designers and also for them, it is definitely for our […]

TASTIC at Free Dove

A big welcome to TASTIC by SpunkyGrl TASTIC has joined Free Dove in the month of March. Thanks a lot SpunkyGrl for bringing and sharing your beautiful talent at FREE DOVE SpunkyGrl is a dedicated designer with a good caring heart. She also create clothes for men. She has participated in great caring events such […]

TONE 2 at Free Dove

Welcome TONE 2 TONE 2 has joined The Free Dove and donated 3 amazing gifts. Stop by to check them out! TONE 2 designer is Ever Courtois It is an honor to have her at Free Dove. A little about her… Ever is not only the creator of TONE 2 but also she is involved […]