Free Dove Group

Some people ask me, “why can’t I take this gift???”  “But I have the group, I am a member of the group Free Dove!

Ladies, gentlemen…. you MUST, but MUST MUST MUST…. “Show” the group title…. what is the title? Yes, the tag?   well it is “BLESSED BY A DOVE”, sure, the dove of Free Dove have blessed you with all these goodies and awsome gifts from our designers.

You MUST SEE over your head or read over your avatar head the words “Blessed By A Dove” .  It is NOT only wear tag. It must “show” over your head, that you can READ IT!!!

Let’s go over this:

FIRST, to be sure you “see” the words, or the tag title you must follow this:

  1. Go to your Preferences/General/Group titles….. put a check mark and DONE!!
  2. Mark it inside your viewer preferences. I don’t know other viewers, but this is the viewer I use which is FIRESTORM.


Magic! The tag shows over your head… This is super simple. “wearing” and “showing” the tag is too different things. Just wearing it but hiding it in your preference doesn’t solve the problem and you will never be able to grab the gifts. Free Dove has a different way to grab gifts. Not like other stores where wearing the group or activating the group is just enough.

If this is doesn’t work, there is no more help I can offer other than your viewer is glitching. I can suggest to re-enter the check mark, click OK, and check again.

If not just join the group of Firestorm or your viewer Q&A Group and ask how to show your group tag.

If you are one of those that love to hide your tag to avoid the lag or just privacy, I understand your choice, however, for Free Dove is a must to show it if you want the gifts!!!

Remember, Group Tag (Title) must shown over your head. Later when you leave the land you can hide again if you have to. Good Luck

Where do I find this group join panel?

There are tons of panels around the building for you to join. Just please take your time to rezz the items so you can walk around. There are three entrances in Free Dove and each has a group join panel. Simple click it, read your local and click join.  Looks like this, but you can click this one now, I attached a link to it also.

Free Dove Group

You can also click any box, each box, says the group in which was rezzed. Click the Group and a window will appear where you can view the the profile of the group and once you have that just click “JOIN”


Or another way, is to look at Palomma’s Casanova profile, find the group on her list, double click it to get the window and join.


Free Dove group is almost about to have 32,000 members. Keep bringing friends and help new SL Residents to look great just like I try doing.

Ok? Done? Awsome…

Luv ya all,



For Free Dove group….

Click here to join Free Dove Group  

And to tp to Free Dove for gifts from our designers is at:   Tp by clicking here

Happy Valentine’s Day from Free Dove




Thanks to our designers for being part of this Valentine’s Day 2018!

Enjoy your day everyone. Thanks for always keeping Free Dove alive and running for 13 years in Second Life.

As always, there is a holiday table for you at the store. A few designers shared the love with you.

These designers are:

caramelodefresas                    Tp to store for more, click here

YDEA by Emy Burt                   Tp to store for more, click here

EccentriciXi by EccentriciXi &  Jimi Xi     Tp to store for more, click here

D!vine Style by Dollen McMillan and Dyannia           Tp to store for more, click here

TRS with amethestpearl          Tp to store for more, click here


Thanks to these awsome designers that are on top always helping FREE DOVE and being super active with Signature Dove activities. So please visit their maintores.

TP To Free Dove!!!    FREE DOVE Store

Join Free Dove          GROUP FREE DOVE


Update Today From ::FurtaCor::

Our dear Marinnah Mayako, the creator of ::Furtacor:: left us a brand new update on the casual clothing table at Free Dove. Beautiful Beautiful and Beautiful!

Thanks Marinnah!! We all love FurtaCor items!!


This gorgeous dress is for Maitreya body, Slink, TMP. Remember now that Free Dove offers to mesh body users also. Some items might not be only for classic bodies.  This gift has a hud with other color and textures…

Free Dove not only help new residents but also older residents.

However, not only come for the free item but stop by to Marinnah’s lovely mainstore at ::FurtaCor::,   Click here to ::FurtaCor:: Mainstore

TP Click to Free Dove

Join Group here:  The Free Dove Group


Updates at Free Dove, Check them out!!

From (former Dulce Design NOW is SALTY) this wonderful and super but super sexy dress.

Also, another update by TRS,

Lovely Teirra Dress with lace all in pink or purple? Lovely anyway both colors…!!!

These dresses are great with different mesh bodies and classic when wearing the alpha of course.


Lovely these two updates: Mainstore map landmark are here also. Teleport for more at their stores



Always remember to wear the the group of Free Dove!

Designer Application

Thanks for thinking of Free Dove to help others with your talents. However, Free Dove only accept certain designers, such as those that are well organized, responsible and that show creativity on their mainstores. Free Dove also has its purpose of not only helping to dress fashionable but teaching and inspire others to be creative, to explore SL fashion locations, to motivate others to find useful activities to do in Second Life. Free Dove also is here to help DEDICATED and SERIOUS future designers that need support, especially starting with advertising their locations and brand. Read below a description of what is needed at FREE DOVE FASHIONS to become part of the group. I will be happy to help you.


* At least 2 month established and active store (INWORLD Store)
* Your Mainstore must have more than 15-20 items created BY YOU. FREE DOVE does not accept any Franchises.
* Will ONLY accept mainstores well organized and well decorated. Not interested in a 10 x 10 mall establishment or 10 x 10 box in the sky.
* Prefer stores that have a special area where they support other fashion groups and events.
* To be able to do notices in Free Dove group you must be accepted first as a designer and be willing to understand and follow rules and participate in some of Signature Dove activities and be willing to place Free Dove and other group logos at mainstore. I give, you give.

Will NOT Accept:

* Items that you created for fun with sl building tools or just items you tests with photoshop, or schools fun test creations and then want to donate anywhere. (sorry) Enjoy what you do but I cannot collect these items from everyone that enjoys building in SL with no intentions of continuing designing.
* Super new designers that are not well established and sure of what they want to do in their designing future.
* Closed stores or marketplace stores only, again, must have an active location.
* I don’t accept just unknown objects just dropped on my inventory without description that can hack my account. Especially if the account less than 2-3 yrs old.I will decline them.
* Will not accept notecards promoting YOUR FREEBIE IDEAS. Freebie collector is not my activity in SL. I WILL DISCARD ALL that!!
* If I don’t need your item at Free Dove, please understand.

Please do this to apply:

— Copy paste to a NOTECARD in world the following questions already answered.
— Your  Account Name in world:
— Your Store Name:
— Landmark UUID:
— Attach picture of what you want to offer
— Are you willing to participate in other activities of Signature Dove? (Free Dove/Mini Hunts/Dazzle Event/Holiday Gifts, ect) to use the group notices for Free?
— If only want to use group and put gift, a fee will be applied to group use of over 45,000k members.

* I Will answer your notecard after I can check your mainstore, if I am interested. Give me at least 2 wks.

** Free Dove “Freebies”= Professional items only from talented & established designer.
** Must follow Rules in group & placement

You can also contact me by email @ *smile*


New Designer Joining Free Dove this week

I met this fun designer. I love her store name *Caramelo de Fresa* Beautiful mainstore and lots of gifts in there also. Not only that she left two gifts at Free Dove. The other gift is a gorgeous Flamenco dress for those that love to dance the Flamenco dance!! This is for the first time at Free Dove we have this type of dress. So, come on down grab both dresses and get ready to dance the Flamenco dance!! Exclusive for Free Dove

Enjoy these!!

Wear your group of Free Dove :  Click for Free Dove Group

TP to Free Dove!! TP Click to Free Dove

And after you grab your free  items, teleport to Caramelo de Fresa for more stuff!!  *Caramelo de Fresa* click tp

Update from *Lurve*

Alrighty, I just noticed an update at Free Dove from *LURVE* one of the favorites. A gift that was updated almost 3 weeks ago and I just realize it… wait a minute!! This was not here before!!! so has to be an update!!  I know I say the “favorite” a few times, ok… a lot but Free Dove has the best designers that love to share their talent and love leaving a gift for the community. And I admire this. Giving is just powerful and Danielle Idigo (the designer of *Lurve* is a personal friend of mine also, so yes, one of my favorites!) And in Free Dove, as owner of it, I learn to love these designers that help me so much to bring you beautiful items. Definitely you need to visit their mainstores.

Here we have *Lurve* with this delicate, super sexy and elegant formal dress. You need this to hang inside your inventory and have it for that super perfect for romantic night. But soon for a date. Now actually for Valentines.

Super sexy appeal. Great for mesh bodies also. Will fit to your avatar like if the name of the outfit had your name written forever *smile*

ok, remember to come to Free Dove. And also, for Ms. Danielle Idigo, the wonderful designer and owner of *Lurve* like I mentioned already would love for you to visit her store for more. Especially if you love this style, but she carries all types of wonderful creations. Not only that she also participating at Dazzle Event!          Visit Dazzle also that is part of Signature Dove!!

Lets add here some landmarks for you regarding *Lurve*

~ Free Dove (to grab the gift)

~*Lurve* Mainstore

When you arrive at Free Dove, grab the group because you need Free Dove group to obtain gifts  GROUP FREE DOVE

Alrighty… see you around

I will inform you fans of more updates soon




Returning Designer!! Sure we missed her EMILYC

EmilyC is back to the tables of The Free Dove and I am so but so happy to have her back. One of my favorite designers because I love her artistic style!

This is what she is leaving us @ Free Dove today in February.

It is for mesh bodies which Free Dove has now a variety of clothing that fits different types of bodies so everyone has something to grab at Free Dove.

Super cute and sexy outfit. Not only that she created this exclusively for Free Dove, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere.

So do you need to wear your group tag? YUP! Of course…. here is a link, even thou I am pretty sure you are part of the Free Dove Group: click here

Teleport to Free Dove immediately to grab the gift. It is located at sort of close to the accessory area but at the casual clothing area for ladies!      Click here to tp:  Here



February Mini Hunt just started a few days ago!

If you keep up with Mini Hunts at Free Dove, then you are ahead of me! I have a moment to finally post it here for those that haven’t stop at Free Dove yet, but now is the time!!!

As every month you have three super designers. Two of them are returning designers (doing the mini hunt) once again and one is her first time ever.

We have Spyralle mainstore

We have Anny’s Fashion     <——-  First time!! ♥

We have GLINT!


Just remember that these gifts are inside Free Dove. They are not difficult to spot!! I promise.

Some of the gifts might not require the group but might as well wear it because other gifts do. Remember the last 2-3 gifts are at the designer’s store. but come first to Free Dove for the gifts and teleport after to the display area so you can grab the actual banner of the gifts. Just click the banner of each designer. This display looks like this:



Teleport to Free Dove by Clicking this link —–>  Click here to tp to Free Dove

Click to join Free Dove Group:   Free Dove Group

Hope you enjoy Free Dove Mini Hunts!!

Happy February!


with ♥

Designer ~EccentriciXi~ Updating her gift at Free Dove

Check it out, ladies…

Gotta love this red pencil dress, short above the knees, pretty sexy also

Great for different bodies, come on down to Free Dove for her new Free Dove gift!!!

Not only that she is ready for the “Valentine’s Holiday Table” as usually we add and she rezzed a super sexy, sensual dress at this table also.

She is the first one to rezz one since I haven’t even announce that I rezz a Valentine table!

Men didn’t stay behind for Valentines since EccentriciXi added awsome pants for the men!!

First, join The Free Dove group to be able to grab the gift!

Join Group (Free Dove)

Time to teleport by clicking this link  “Here”

And of course, after this always visit their mainstore at:   Click here to tp to the designer’s mainstore