Free Dove Group

Some people ask me, “why can’t I take this gift???”  “But I have the group, I am a member of the group Free Dove!

Ladies, gentlemen…. you MUST, but MUST MUST MUST…. “Show” the group title…. what is the title? Yes, the tag?   well it is “BLESSED BY A DOVE”, sure, the dove of Free Dove have blessed you with all these goodies and awsome gifts from our designers.

You MUST SEE over your head or read over your avatar head the words “Blessed By A Dove” .  It is NOT only wear tag. It must “show” over your head, that you can READ IT!!!

Let’s go over this:

FIRST, to be sure you “see” the words, or the tag title you must follow this:

  1. Go to your Preferences/General/Group titles….. put a check mark and DONE!!
  2. Mark it inside your viewer preferences. I don’t know other viewers, but this is the viewer I use which is FIRESTORM.


Magic! The tag shows over your head… This is super simple. “wearing” and “showing” the tag is too different things. Just wearing it but hiding it in your preference doesn’t solve the problem and you will never be able to grab the gifts. Free Dove has a different way to grab gifts. Not like other stores where wearing the group or activating the group is just enough.

If this is doesn’t work, there is no more help I can offer other than your viewer is glitching. I can suggest to re-enter the check mark, click OK, and check again.

If not just join the group of Firestorm or your viewer Q&A Group and ask how to show your group tag.

If you are one of those that love to hide your tag to avoid the lag or just privacy, I understand your choice, however, for Free Dove is a must to show it if you want the gifts!!!

Remember, Group Tag (Title) must shown over your head. Later when you leave the land you can hide again if you have to. Good Luck

Where do I find this group join panel?

There are tons of panels around the building for you to join. Just please take your time to rezz the items so you can walk around. There are three entrances in Free Dove and each has a group join panel. Simple click it, read your local and click join.  Looks like this, but you can click this one now, I attached a link to it also.

Free Dove Group

You can also click any box, each box, says the group in which was rezzed. Click the Group and a window will appear where you can view the the profile of the group and once you have that just click “JOIN”


Or another way, is to look at Palomma’s Casanova profile, find the group on her list, double click it to get the window and join.


Free Dove group is almost about to have 32,000 members. Keep bringing friends and help new SL Residents to look great just like I try doing.

Ok? Done? Awsome…

Luv ya all,



For Free Dove group….

Click here to join Free Dove Group  

And to tp to Free Dove for gifts from our designers is at:   Tp by clicking here

Designer of the Month in August, 2018 is…

Firelight Hair!!

FIRELIGHT HAIR it is own by an awsome lady Theresa Firelight. She joined The Free Dove for more than a year already and has dedicated time to help the community that visits Free Dove. She loves to share her creations with new residents and all around visitors and members of Free Dove. Special thanks to her. Send her a note for being there for you if you grabbed her hairs. To grab her gifts and all the other gifts at Free Dove you must join the group “The Free Dove” and be sure the tag “Blessed by a Dove” is visible over your head.

The Free Dove Group <—– (Click group name to join)

Also, click here to teleport to Free Dove:  —-> *TP TO FREE DOVE*

Gifts at Free Dove from Firelight are…

and also she rezzed a male hair …

Not only she has all these gifts but also she has a mini store at our Free Dove Plaza area where she uses it to place her discount hairs. A must visit store!! It is easy to see from teleport area.

Firelight Discount Store at Free Dove Plaza

the Firelight Free Dove Plaza store looks like the coolest hair salon… makes you feel like you are in RL ready to do your own hair!

Firelight also has her mainstores. Two of them. She works very hard!! Three locations!! Two bigger stores and the discount one.

These are the locations of the both stores. Click the teleport links to teleport to either of them. Both of them are gorgeous stores and you will have fun visiting them.

Rhoda sim: (Click here)

Flawless sim:  (click here)

Last but not least! Free Dove is part of her partnership support groups as you can see at each of her store wall.

She has been part of our Dazzle Event in the past and might return in the future. Right now she is featuring a new release at Swank Event. Swank and Free Dove are media partners!

Find her new release at Swank!

Hopefully soon she can become a Sponsor at Free Dove and participate in one of the yearly mini hunts!!

Thanks again Theresa!

New Make Up and clothing designer joining Free Dove… Introducing RIPROCK

I am excited to present to you a new designer at Free Dove. Her name is Paulyta Miles. She has been designing for a long time in Second Life, not only make up but beautiful clothing and we are so happy to have her. You will find her gift at the make up table at FREE DOVE. Welcome to Free Dove, Paulyta!

Gorgeous, awsome lip colors for us!

Cute and awsome.

Omega Appliers for your face. Glitter and heart tattoo layers!!

Also visit her store at Click here for RIPROCK teleport  for more!! She has some awsome sales.




To Grab the gift, remember you have to teleport to Free Dove and wear your “Blessed By A Dove” tag. Must be visible.

Group to join is:    THE FREE DOVE (Click here)

Teleport to Free Dove by clicking “Here”

Find the make up and tattoo table.

Thanks for the gift from all at Free Dove!


Check her items at *DAZZLE EVENT* in the month of August when the new event start. For more information check our Dazzle blog.


Designer of the month of JULY is…. “TIFFANY DESIGNS”

Tiffany Designs is our lovely LucyHope. Tiffany Designs has been part of Free Dove for around 5 years and have always love to share lots of lovely gifts for Free Dove. She places very good gifts, top of a class designs and she is very proud of doing this. She is a lovely and caring lady that I have the pleasure to know and I consider her a good friend. The gifts left at Free Dove by her must be shown here at Free Dove blog definitely and I feel bad for not doing it before as my time has been limited but I cannot wait that long anymore because this month is her month, she is the Designer of the month of July. Special thanks to her.

Here she is with her title “Designer of the Month” at Free Dove, in July.

She has a few gifts for the visitors of Free Dove.  Remember you need to wear our Free Dove group to collect these gifts:

Join Here for Group be sure to wear tag with the name “Blessed By a Dove”

Teleport to Free Dove by clicking here    Click for tp

These are the gifts at FREE DOVE!! Enjoy them while they are at the tables….

Three casual gorgeous dresses in neutral colors.

there is more…

Gowns for the mesh body!! some of them with jewelry included

She left also at Free Dove these shoes and jewelry boxes..



And she thinks of the guys…

the casual look for guys


and last but not least, this wonderful evening necklace for the ladies!

She covered all the areas at Free Dove!!! THANK YOU LUCY!!! ♥

A little secrets… Seems that in December she will be one of the designers to participate with the Free Dove December Mini Hunt!


Lets talk about her store because I am sure after all these gifts you will want even more gifts at her store plus purchase one of her gorgeous items of course.

Tiffany Design is at Location :  (click here to tp to her location)


Is a gorgeous and huge store located at:

Tiffany Design Location (click here)

Free Dove is part of her partnership, yay!


Not only her store is amazing but she has a few New Releases

These are at her store locations, remember these are not the free gifts, these are new releases so there is a price…



New Mini Hunt started for the month of July!

We have three amazing Designers and two of them is their first time doing Free Dove Mini Hunt!!! YES!! Congrats to these EXCELLENCY STARS and now SPONSORS of Free Dove…

Thanks for your help.

Join the Free Dove group!! The group is necessary to grab free items at Free Dove.

Mostly you grab 5-6 of the designer’s gifts at Free Dove then you teleport to their mainstore for more gifts. Join their group also in case they decide to use their group at their locations!!

Free Dove Location to start your mini hunt


Lets introduce our Stars/Sponsors of July!

Owner & Designer of….

⊱☆Pheonix Scarpulla *Phe*☆

**First time Mini Hunt **
** welcome **

☆ → Find the little colorful gift boxes all around!

Free Dove hiding spots are…. just around Free Dove *wink*
and some also at her mainstore.
Fun to Find….

Look for this object

Mainstore location at P.S. Nails


Next we have….

Owner & Designer of …

⊱ Annealyce Maertens☆


☆→ Find the beautiful transparent squares with a feather designer on top

Fun to Find…. awsome gifts @ Free Dove
remember to teleport for the last gifts to her store
Join her group if necessary

Here is the landmark to Dulce Secrets



And just look for this item:



Another awsome designer we have and for the first time is..

Owner & Designer of …

⊱ Tesslyn Finesmith ☆


Find the cute boxes with a Mariposas.. (meaning butterflies)

Have fun Finding them!

and the object to look for is…


All three of our stars are participant designers at

Dazzle is at this location:  (Click here)

Have fun finding all your gifts!!! They are all fantastic gifts!