We are happy that GENUS is back!!

(I am sorry everyone, but seems that GENUS is closed once again with the same DMCA problems. I made this blog a few hours before I heard the news. I just hope they can solve the problems. Maybe and if you can, join their group to obtain more information by reading their notices *Dove*)

Not sure what happened with them that they had to closed but a good product never fails!

Free Dove is with you and Free Dove wants to communicate all members the good news…

GENUS is back with positive vibes and they still offering the gorgeous FREE HEAD which go by the name of….

“GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face GIFT001 – Mocap”

You can teleport to GENUS MAINSTORE at anytime and if is too full just be patient!

Thanks for helping so many new residents in SL during these difficult times also. This is for their #stayHome & Be Strong promo.

Also, GenusProject is offering a beautiful 40% off of the rest of their heads. It is a great deal!

All you have to do is teleport there and join the Free GenusProject Group!!

After you finished grabbing the free head feel free to return to Free Dove to grab some of the skins we offer at Free Dove.

Two of the most popular skins are AlaskaMetro and ESODE

Also for the Genus head we have makeup by TONE 2, BOM Tattoos by Amis, all these can be use with Genus head.

Don’t forget you can also grab the Free Version of the E-Body at the 2nd floor of Free Dove. Be sure to visit their mainstore to grab the BOM skin hud.