AsHMoOT did an awsome Mini Hunt in May, remember? Well, everyone missed Kristabel gifts….

I invited her to add a gift on Free Dove tables and she did this fab item that all ladies will go crazy for it!  I think men too !! but to see the ladies this sexy!

Check this out!

Ms Dove is a little shy to wear these, so will not try to take pictures on my avatar lol  but I am sure it will look amazing in any gorgeous avatar out there. This is summer times !!! Take advantage!!

And you MUST but MUST visit AsHMoOT store because this is like a designing museum store. I even love to hang out there, doesn’t even look like a regular store to me. Kristabel is one of the most creative designers and decorators. Not only that she has her own photostudio you can visit and have her take your picture for some fee, but is worth it!!!

You will find nerd glasses like the ones I wear at times and hats and jewerly, hair. If I am not mistaken she said she might add some of her hair at Free Dove. I will keep you posted if that happened.

Click here for AsHMoOT

When you visit this store, you will see what I mean.. and thank her! why not!  is nice she did a mini hunt for Free Dove and now she added this wonderful gift

You can join her group also once you get to the store, I am sure there are some group gifts there.

Now, to grab this wonderful bikini you need to teleport to FREE DOVE  <—– Click here please

Of course, once you get there, join Free Dove group!!!    FREE DOVE GROUP   <—– Click here please

Remember about the group tag of Free Dove… always visible .. “Blessed by a Dove”

Until next time my dear doves…….  ♥