New POSE Designer at Free Dove

Lets welcome a wonderful pose designer from “ENIIPose”, especially if you are into photography. The designer’s name is Eniiah.

Take a selfie picture with your Bulldog!!

This picture of you taking a selfie can be fun.

So teleport to Free Dove to grab this pose.  Click tp here   “Free Dove Location

Join “Free Dove Group” to grab the gift.

Don’t forget also to stop by ENIIPose store for more and say thanks!

*STARS* updating 2 gifts at Free Dove

Two beautiful and sexy updates by *STARS*. Our designer of years, Stars Aichi, came today to Free Dove to update her 2 gifts for this year. Super exciting new because the two gifts are

super sexy.

Both of the outfits have huds. Both are for mesh bodies. Fitmesh. Come and check it out!

Don’t forget to visit *STARS* mainstore after grabbing these.  TP by clicking here to *STARS* Fashion Mall Stores.

Here is the TP to Free Dove   TP Click to Free Dove always know you have to join “The Free Dove Group” and show your tag to obtain the gift.


By GeMyles Couture

This is an awsome update by GeMyles Couture, Designers are Myles Harvy & lovely wife Gem Miklos. This is excellent outfit to look casual. Fits most of the mesh bodies out there. You need to have a mesh body for this outfit, doesn’t include an alpha inside to hide the body. But you can find a way or ask the creators maybe. Visit their stores for more of course. You grab this gift and then tp to their stores.

Here is the tp to their mainstore  GeMyles Couture

For the gift teleport to Free Dove and join the Free Dove Group to grab the gift

New Designer at FREE DOVE “Lara AC”

First time at Free Dove, an elf outfit (Lara AC Elf Outfit Amara)  by a new store:  Lara AC , designer is AugustaCarnelian but everyone calls her  Lara.

You will find this outfit by the costumes~Fantasy table in the left side of Free Dove. Showing here how lovely this costume is.

Super Sexy and if you like to dress as an elf it includes the ears!!

Teleport to Free Dove for this, click here FREE DOVE Store

Join Group of Free Dove

Mainstore of Lara AC, teleport here…    Lara AC Mainstore Teleport

Update News for March! (and more to come)

I have to list more updates for you this month at Free Dove. So sorry this month has been busy busy. Not only that, I had a birthday somewhere there in March and I just wanted to take a little break this month, a little here and there, still will take a little more days at the end of the month but I couldn’t pass some of the cool updates I want to share with all the Free Dove fans.

Starting with a designer that is back to Free Dove.  I am so excited to see her bring her store back inworld.

Let me give you some info, but you must visit this awsome store. The name is POSH and the designer is

Pamela Ravenscroft (VampirePam). You will love this store … Has all kinds of items!!   Click here to tp for more  POSH

Here are the awsome hairs she left at Free Dove today, Sunday March 17.



Just as amazing hair with hud. Sexy and classy, sophisticated look.

Only a FREE DOVE   Teleport to Free Dove

And the group is important to join to grab these        THE FREE DOVE GROUP

See you at Free Dove!


Happy Women International Day

To all the wonderful women that are strong and that inspire others. HAPPY WOMEN INTERNATIONAL DAY!

We always have to be that strong woman and always smile to the world!!

Come to Free Dove to celebrate this day and check our Mini Hunt in progress and welcome new designers joining Free Dove.

Also, congratulations to Free Dove’s designer of the month, to a wonderful lady designer from Spyralle Designs…

Kerryth Tarantal which as been with Free Dove for a long time, is also a wonderful sponsor of Free Dove. She has done the Mini Hunt last month and has even participate in our event from Signature Dove~ DAZZLE.

She also updated her gift last week!!

Lovely Casual Dress!!

Click to tp to Free Dove

Don’t forget to join the group:        Click to Join FD Group


New Month and New Mini Hunt at Free Dove… where else?

For 5 years straight Free Dove keeps bringing you a well known store hunt. Thank you for making it one of your favorite hunts on the grid. Our mini hunt designers are SPONSORS and SUPPORTERS of Free Dove. If ever you have a question of our most active designers, visit Free Dove “Wall of Fame” for Sponsors. Free Dove doesn’t collect lindens from our designers, they give Free Dove, to help Free Dove visitors. Free Dove that has been around since 2005, a historical landmark in Second Life. Free Dove accepts those well establish in world designers that have a giving heart. In return we spread the word mentioning their stores names everywhere we go. Help us by telling everyone about Free Dove, even more the entire Signature Dove Activities.

In March we have three amazing designers…. Here they are!!