Featuring two amazing designing stores:


D!vine Style


This hunt always starts at Free Dove. This is casual, elegant clothing by both stores. Find the first 1-5 gifts from each store at Free Dove. Look around and don’t give up. Grab the notecard from the hunt signs. Join The Free Dove Group to grab the groups. We don’t have hints or clues. Don’t cheat. Sometimes is not easy. Maybe, I give you some little clues?

This time GGVG has a beautiful bird sort of brown & yellow. You might find one or two around the plaza talking to other friends, they love to talk and hang out together. There is a main entrance of this huge Free Dove building and who knows you might find one bird indicating that Free Dove deserves a vote for all of what have done for 17 years for everyone! But another bird wanted to rest on a beautiful plant. Maybe he was too tired. Someone told me that this other bird enjoys to be at the eye of everyone because he wanted to be like the Hollywood stars, lights and maybe cameras. We have a feeling another got so hungry that went to grab some sweets. But sorry this is all we can tell you now. There are 5 more at GGVG mainstore and these clues are only for the Free Dove building.

Don’t forget to join Free Dove group to grab the gifts there, maybe sy GGVG you might want to keep the Free Dove group on!

Click here for to join the group: FREE DOVE GROUP

Mainstore is at: (CLICK HERE) GGVG

You will teleport to GGVG Mainsore to find the other five gifts. Keep wearing the Free Dove group!

GGVG mainstore was created by “Fly” (Looseer)

Another amazing designing store is…….

D!vine Style

Here is the Key Hunt!

A Macaron!! They seem very popular and people love them

At Free Dove I found some clues that were related to D!vine Style mainstore, for sure not in order but it always helps. It is possible that we might need some helping hands to find these, they are so colorful and for sure they are easy to find but you never know! Some people needed to relax and read magazines while resting and find good places where to rent homes in Second Life, it just took 10 minutes to quick browsed thru these magazine pages because now is time to find more macarons. Another group of people wanted to keep looking for more macarons. They found a location to definitely join more groups to get more freebies in the future if they were part of these groups. It is always great to join fashion groups, they love the diva feeling for sure… Another group of people decided to admire the wind of the flowers and see birds eating a couple of macarons, everyone likes them! Last but not least while other visitors of Free Dove were walking thru this garden path they found signs of an event! They grabbed the macaron that was around there and quick teleported to D!vine Style mainstore to grab all the gifts left that were there also, of course without forgetting they would teleport later to this great Autumn event. We found five clues at Free Dove, the rest….. lets just leave the people alone finding the rest

D!vine Style mainstore was created by Dollen McMillan and Dyannia

Time to return to find a great location to try on all the gifts collected. What other place than Free Dove fitting rooms. Walk to the middle of the store, click the oval mirrors, and there you have all the freedom to try all gifts.

Good Luck everyone!!!!!

HUNT DAYS: Sept. 9th thru Sept 31st

Here are some links that you can click to visit us and ask for membership too

First we love these media links!

Free Dove August HUNT


Beautiful clothing and accessories are hidden and for you to find. This month you have three designers which each of them has 10 gifts hidden between Free Dove and their mainstores.

Don’t forget to activate your Free Dove Group! <—- Click here and accept in world the group.

The group is necessary to grab free items at Free Dove.
Find Group Joiners everywhere around FREE DOVE

Be sure your group tag is visible. Check all your preferences.
If you need more info click home on this website and at the right column you will see Free Dove Logo explaining to group issues you are encountering.

These are the hidden objects for each designer….. Let’s start with Emerald Couture



This is an amazing August Hunt at Free Dove because we are featuring three stores!!

A little about the designers….

✻✻✻✻✻✻ EMERALD COUTURE ✻✻✻✻✻✻

The designer of Emerald Couture is JieJie Emerald

JieJie Emerald, a creative designer that owns Emerald Couture, her main store with casual, classy, and elegant clothing. She has been part of Free Dove for years and years and always loves to dedicate time to the visitors at Free Dove adding extra gifts from her part to continue helping them with free items.


~ Carola, an amazing and dedicated designer from Spain full of ideas and creativity. Never gets tired of creative bringing her audience her ultimate ideas. Loves to create wonderful textures. Her time in SL is all to create a great line of clothing.


~ MadCatClaudia shows in her designs simplicity and a lot of colorful art inside her clothing line. She loves to challenge herself every day because she learns something new no matter how long it takes her to make it or how long she has been designing in Second Life. Creating clothes and maintaining her main store in order sure relaxes her at all times.


Ladies, we are excited to have BENS BEAUTY & BOUTIQUE being an Sponsor of Free Dove.

Check her table also at Free Dove, this is her table display. These gifts will be there this year.

Snow Martiel is the creator of BENS Beauty & Boutique

Her mainstore link here, click the name of the store to tp there via SL Map


Her mainstore is beautiful!!

Lots of new items and releases….

Her Group to join is: BENS BEAUTY <————– Join Bens Beauty group

At Free Dove she shares a nice table display with us…

Bens table at Free Dove (use this link to tp to Free Dove)

Join Free Dove group to grab the gifts: THE FREE DOVE Group (click to join in world)

Currently in July 2021 BENS BEAUTY is collaborating with Free Dove on a beautiful hunt, 10 whole gifts, 5 inside Free Dove and other 5 at her lovely mainstore, Bens Beauty

Come to Free Dove and enjoy the gifts!

We are all ready for JULY HUNT!

Two amazing designers, super sponsors of FREE DOVE

[WELLMADE] by Thidelly

BENS BEAUTY by Snow Martiel

GOOD LUCK finding all the gorgeous gifts!!

TP To FREE DOVE and find all the information by clicking the signs!



✔✔✔ MUST Join the Free Dove group!!
The group is necessary to grab free items at Free Dove.
Find Group Joiners everywhere around FREE DOVE

or copy paste this key in your local chat secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about

(Be sure your group tag is visible. Check all your preferences.
If you need more info open a browser and check our blog, click sign to the right for group info.
(or copy paste this link to a browser for how preferences should be)

✔✔ Once you teleport to their store, the designer might want you to join their FREE Group. Accept their join Free and start accepting your gifts.
● Free Dove JULY Hunt
● Hunt Starts on July 9th to July 31st. 2021 <——

● Just ENJOY!


Super Awsome UPDATE by AVAGIRL

Time to tp to FREE DOVE and check a table display by AVAGIRL

Click this link to AvaGirl Table Display: AVAGIRL

Beautiful six complete dresses. Read the box everyone, many of them fit Slink, Classic Avatars, Maitreya, Belleza It all depends of your mesh avatars if you can wear any type of mesh dresses. Always learn to identify what fits to your mesh avatar. AvaGirl usually have items compatible with the more popular mesh bodies.

Remember that AvaGirl has a FREE DOVE PLAZA STORE that you should visit for more items. Inside the store there is a link to her mainstore also.



Thanks AvaGirl for supporting THE FREE DOVE!!!

Join Group Free Dove here (CLICK HERE)

LUXE PARIS at Free Dove (Update)

Awsome updates by LUXE PARIS! Three gorgeous outfits at LUXE Paris table. Yes, they have their own clothing display table at Free Dove. Amazing Sponsor that loves to support FREE DOVE!

Click here for table display link: LUXE PARIS

Beautiful creations by LUXE PARIS are now at Free Dove also. They have been sponsors for a while however this year they have upgraded to a table display to offer 2 extra free outfits.

This is their display table at Free Dove. I am standing next to the table also wearing one of their outfits I found at their stores. The one I am wearing is NOT Free but you can find at their stores.

Here are the three photos of the new added free ones.

Beautiful attire and all Free at FREE DOVE, nowhere else!

Free Dove is at: Click Here to Teleport

Free Dove group is super important that you join it to get these group items: Click here to join THE FREE DOVE GROUP

Thanks for visiting THE FREE DOVE!!


Featuring two amazing designers


Event days: May 9th thru May 31st

  ★  FIVE gifts of each mainstore (first five) (SHINY STUFFS AND YDEA Style)
                         will be hidden all around FREE DOVE

  ★  FIVE other gifts will be at their inworld mainstores.

SHINY STUFFS <—— Click for store location

YDEA STYLE <—— Click for store location

Activate THE FREE DOVE GROUP to grab all gifts!

Welcome 777 Motors to FREE DOVE

First ever vehicle at Free Dove! Thanks 777 Motors for being there for Free Dove

Free Dove wanted to provide a type of vehicle to Free Dove visitors and why not this adorable scooter.

We love it at Free Dove!! So come and grab yours and right all around the outside of Free Dove. Sorry you cannot ride it inside Free Dove but our Gallii sim has some nice paths and roads you can continue riding around.

You can find the scooter, right outside if you teleport to the Free Dove Plaza/Courtyard

Click here to teleport directly: 777 Motors Free Dove Scooter

Remember you need to join the group “The Free Dove” to grab this free item

Thanks to jamesnguyen94 aka James Garrison, creator of 777 Motors

Click here to tp to see other amazing vehicles!!! 777 Motors

Thank you James for sponsoring to Free Dove!!