is now at Free Dove

Lovely designing store that joined last week. Designer is Bblair Xue, bka “Blair”

New Gift at Free Dove

MUCHFASHION is an upcoming beautiful store that we all will love at Free Dove.

This is the beautiful gift left at Free Dove. Remember you need to join the Free Dove Group to grab this beautiful black dress.

The gift is just located in the general casual women section (middle of the store) Here is an easier tp coordinates: MUCH FASHION GIFT

This beautiful outfit is only at Free Dove. After this teleport to her beautiful store and get more of her gorgeous items.

Click here to teleport to MUCH FASHION ———> Teleport to main store

Thanks and keep visiting Free Dove for more!!

Gorgeous hair from FABIA

is now at FREE DOVE

Beautiful hair no?

Come on down and grab this gorgeous long length exclusive hair just at FREE DOVE!!

Meef, owner and designer of FABIA, returns once again to FREE DOVE!!

Free Dove coordinates here, just click this link here: FABIA HAIR

Also visit FABIA Mainstore because you will l-o-v-e it, it has lots of more gifts and very great prices and gatchas!!

As you can tell to the right….. more gifts! and if you go straight inside the store you see great gatchas.

Meef, the designer and creator of FABIA is a super friendly person that didn’t hesitate to say yes and join Free Dove. The next day she was already with this wonderful gift!

Thanks and don’t forget to visit FABIA

Remember to join the FREE DOVE GROUP to grab these items

Joining Free Dove, GGVG

The designer of GGVG goes by “Fly”, her name in SL name is looseer. GGVG mainstore is a huge beautiful store, super elegance.

Here is what Fly left us at Free Dove! Gorgeous no? Is more of an Autumn outfit dress but is gorgeous, has gorgeous color tones.

Teleport to Free Dove to this coordinates…… FREE DOVE Location

Click here to visit her lovely mainstore: GGVG

Lovely New Releases now at GGVG mainstore

Lets support this incredible designer joining Free Dove!

Don’t forget to join the Free Dove group to grab the gift.

Free Dove welcomes .EscalateD.

Dolphin Ayres is the designer and creator of this wonderful hair store named .EscalateD.

Now this amazing store joined Free Dove. Dolphin, the talented creator of this beautiful hair makes 100% Original Mesh | Content

She offers at Free Dove this gorgeous hair now.

Hair is located at the hair location at Free Dove (Click here for exact coordinates)

Remember you must have visible the group tag of Free Dove. Join the Free Dove group click here: FDG

We are excited to have .EscalateD. at Free Dove now.

Her store is gorgeous!!! You must visit also.

Here is the .EscalateD. mainstore to visit. Click here: .EscalateD.

Thanks again for believing in Free Dove!

Free Dove has another blessed designer joining

She has been blessed and she wants us to be sure that we are all blessed. Have you seen the well known Free Dove tag? “BLESSED BY A DOVE” Yes!

Ameliax Xue, the makeup creator of Amis Cosmetics wanted us to always remember about being blessed and decided in creating a beautiful face tattoo with the words “BLESSED” over one of your eyebrows. Isn’t that an adorable thought? Thanks, for thinking about Free Dove by doing this!

Ameliax, bka ღ Ami ღ was excited to join Free Dove and do something special. She created also another tattoo with a dove on the cheek.

Take a look:

This gorgeous tattoo has been created for Genus heads however is a BOM Tattoo that many other heads can also wear.

They are separate layers or you can also wear them at the same time.

AMIS is the name of the store and this store is full of gorgeous makeup. She concentrates to create more for the Genus head. She mentioned she will be creatings more BOM in the future for BOM users.

To get this gorgeous tattoos (same gift box) just teleport to your favorite store, The Free Dove!! This gift is exactly at these coordinates, just click here to these coordinated by clicking: AMIS GIFT

And of course don’t forget to join the group. THE FREE DOVE GROUP

Please, remember to visit our sponsors, check their stores, support them and join their group also.

To teleport to AMIS store for more, click here: TELEPORT TO AMIS COSMETICS

Beautiful store to enjoy. Time to buy!

These gifts are at her store location. AMIS COSMETICS is participating with the Stay at Home Club also! She is keeping herself busy!

She also love participating in other events. She has participated in the past with Bundle of Dove, back then Dazzle Event and we hope to have her at Bundle of Dove event again in the near future.

Thanks everyone, and thanks AMI for this gorgeous gift. It is an honor to have you and we appreciate having you at FREE DOVE!