Hilly has updated her gift at Free Dove. The gift that was there before was beautiful as always but yes, was time for an update and something new, just for FREE DOVE

Here is the photo:

Hilly Haalan is one of my favorite designers in Second Life. Many of my clothing are from this beautiful store. Hilly Haalan has been a FREE DOVE sponsor for years and years!!! We appreciate all she does for FREE DOVE.

To find this gift, teleport to one of the WOMEN’s Casual Table. This gift is a hud driven with beautiful textures. It is a long sweater and there is more when you open this gift. You would have to find out!

You must join FREE DOVE GROUP to grab this item.

Click here to teleport to the location at FREE DOVE: HILLY HAALAN Gift

If you want to find more gifts from Hilly Haalan teleport to her mainstore. Also she offers every weekend super inexpensive items at all times and she has tons of holidays selections and regular sets that come with shoes and jewelry, bags, etc… The huds on these items have gorgeous textures where you can wear the outfit more than once or twice.

Here is a teleport to her store: HILLY HAALAN Mainstore. Also, don’t forget to join the group at her store.

Click here for her Facebook Link


Enjoy this beautiful gift.


Cute Update from *Lurve*

Thanks *LURVE*, Free Dove can always count of you. Such a loyal namebrand by Danielle Idigo. We love to have *LURVE* at Free Dove. Thanks Dani!

Here is the table from *LURVE* Click here: *LURVE*

Here are the gorgeous gifts!

A perfect quality. You will look beautiful on these.

To Grab these remember to join THE FREE DOVE GROUP

She will also be participating at the BUNDLES … with Dove for the upcoming Halloween Event, DEJA BOOOOOO!

Don’t miss it!!

Don’t forget to stop for more gifts at LURVE’s mainstore. Click here to teleport to her main store location. *LURVE*


They are now at Free Dove

Here are some pictures



Now with a new store landmark location: Click here to visit her store: TIFFANY DESIGN

Remember always to join The Free Dove group and wear it at the store so you can grab freebies and these gorgeous free items!

See you at FREE DOVE!


CGF-Fashions update!

One update from the store CGF-Fashion is now at Free Dove. The gift is located at one of our women casual tables. Coords here: CGF- Fashions

As always wear your Free Dove group to obtain this gift!


Click logo to the left for more! Visit mainstore and drop a thanks for gift! Don’t forget.. Designers love to hear from you.

Join their group and most of the times they offer group gifts at their stores.

Visit the mainstore by clicking here on the name: CGF-Fashions

YDEA added a few more gifts

Ydea has been one of the older and loyal store and creator with Free Dove. So many beautiful gifts!

You can find the YDEA table at this location: YDEA’s Table at Free Dove

Don’t forget it is important to wear the group *FREE DOVE* to be able to grab the wonderful gifts!

Here are the three gifts added

Come on down to grab these gifts!

Also visit her store at: YDEA MAINSTORE or click her logo to the left column when you see her logo!

See you at Free Dove!

StephaneL @ FREE DOVE

Another top mainstore that I love and I thought visitors of FREE DOVE would love is StephaneL Shoes. The shoes are amazing! This creator is Italian and love her Original mesh content. Her avatar name is shopstefy

She is now at Free Dove and has a table for her name brand. Feel free to send her a message thanking him for these gifts.

The table has three amazing gifts as you can see! Here are the pictures to see up close. This table is at Free Dove, teleport to these coordinates [StephaneL]

What you think guys? I already love the red boots! Especially for the holidays coming up! The shoes are for Maitreya, Slink & Belleza feet. Not for classy or other mesh bodies but you can still try in case they are compatible. You never know.

Join the group of Free Dove to grab these beautiful shoes.

If you want to visit for more of her bargains or new releases, don’t hesitate to teleport to [StephaneL]

Elegance Boutique

Elegance Boutique joined Free Dove back in May/2020

Just in case you haven’t notice this gorgeous attire by Elegance Boutique, here is it!! The designer is Elegancia. She was at Free Dove before but RL got in the way and couldn’t come much to SL but now she is back!

This is what is now at Free Dove From Elegance Boutique

Coordinates at Free Dove are at: Elegance Boutique. The gift is at one of the middle Women’s casual tables

Her store is at: Elegance Boutique <———– Click to teleport to Mainstore

Don’t forget to join the FREE DOVE GROUP to grab this beautiful gift!

Thanks for visiting Free Dove and Elegance Boutique!!

E.K. is now @ Free Dove

Original Mesh Creator of E.K. now sponsoring at Free Dove. EliyaKay bka “Eliya Anton” a good friend also since long time. She was the creator of PO^Z poses and now the original content creator of E.K. from start to finish. Congrats!

She wants to share at Free Dove with her beautiful clothing. Lots of great items at her Marketplace: Click here for more

These are the three gorgeous gifts she offers at Free Dove:

E.K. makes jewelry as well as MEN CLOTHES… soon she will add one men item for the men visitors at Free Dove.

This is her table at Free Dove….

Teleport to Free Dove to find this table. The coordinates are here: E.K.Table

Remember to join the group FREE DOVE to grab these items!

Visit her gorgeous store E.K.

Teleport by clicking here: E.K. <— Teleport to E.K.

Please visit E.K. store for more!!

Thanks again Eliya for being part of Free Dove…

Thanks E.K.


Welcome to Free Dove LYBRA

Such a pleasure to have this name brand at Free Dove. One of my favorite, classy, delicate name brand store and original mesh creators.

Visit Free Dove because Free Dove has three exclusive items from LYBRA at their individual table. (Free Dove coordinates) <— click here.

Free Dove group is necessary to grab these items as all the other gifts at the store. FREE DOVE GROUP <— Click here to join

Three gorgeous dresses, these are even fatpacks with many colors and textures.

These are for Maitreya / Freya / Hourglass mesh bodies

Teleport to Free Dove and LYBRA table is at these coordinates. Click here: LYBRA

Visit their gorgeous mainstore inworld

Thanks Lybra for sponsoring FREE DOVE. For more about Lybra visit their inworld store for more! Join their groups! One of the groups is totally free!

7 Deadly Skins

Welcome back Izara Zuta with 7 Deadly Skins, we at Free Dove love having you!

Find her individual table. This is what Izara is offering at Free Dove, this is including a shape also!

Thanks Izara for re-joining Free Dove and helping others.

7 Deadly Skin Table, click here to teleport: Deadly Skin Table at Free Dove

Join Free Dove Group to grab this gift!


Visit 7 Deadly Skin for more choices and even gifts, MM’s and more sales!

Click here to teleport to the mainstore: 7 Deadly Skins