FREE DOVE and THE STAY at HOME CLUB have joined forces along with others businesses in SL to promote this important global rule!

Stay home for now and be safe…

Many designers are and continue offering free gifts for everyone while visiting many of their in world stores..

Free Dove Designers can now apply to participate in this project at and read more at

The Free Dove Logo 2020

Time to modify our Free Dove Logo a little after years. We have sure modified it a few times but is 2020 we had to do it one more time.

Here it is…

We wanted to show that The Free Dove is from our Top Designers and also for them, it is definitely for our SL Residents even if they just started Second Life or being in Second Life for years. The Free Dove is for all ALWAYS!!

Anywhere you see this logo it means that location supports FREE DOVE.

The Free Dove also reminds you that is a place to find free items that will always compliment your style. The visitor wants to dress from our great SECOND LIFE TOP DESIGNERS always.

Free Dove also offers to the public a plaza to enjoy and chat, offers a few designers stores and cart sales.

We hope you enjoy visiting Free Dove, bring your friends!

Bring them to Free Dove, an historical landmark in Second Life since 2005.

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If you have a store and you would like to have a poster/panel at your location, please contact the owner Palomma Casanova in world.



TASTIC at Free Dove

A big welcome to TASTIC by SpunkyGrl

TASTIC has joined Free Dove in the month of March. Thanks a lot SpunkyGrl for bringing and sharing your beautiful talent at FREE DOVE

SpunkyGrl is a dedicated designer with a good caring heart. She also create clothes for men. She has participated in great caring events such as American Cancer Society Event, Relay for life event and Garden of Hope.

And now she is part of The Free Dove as an sponsor!

Thanks SpunkyGrl!!!

She has offered three awsome gifts, one for girls and two for guys

TASTIC is also at the Marketplace

Visit TASTIC and let SpunkyGrl thanks for donating in Free Dove, become one of her fans by adding yourself in her store group, get to know her new releases and sales!

This beautiful gift for the ladies that fits a few of the mesh bodies out there

Exclusive for Free Dove. A dress that fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, Legacy

and for guys… The guys were not forgotten. Hopefully we can find more designers like SpunkyGrl that can also share men clothes because Free Dove needs them.

TASTIC is offering this for the men:

And some ripped jeans! Who doesn’t need ripped jeans? Right?

Remember to visit SpunkGrl at TASTIC

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TONE 2 at Free Dove

Welcome TONE 2

TONE 2 has joined The Free Dove and donated 3 amazing gifts. Stop by to check them out!

TONE 2 designer is Ever Courtois

It is an honor to have her at Free Dove. A little about her…

Ever is not only the creator of TONE 2 but also she is involved with MSF/Doctors Without Borders and Co-Founder – The Spoonful of Sugar Festival to Benefit MSF/Doctors Without Borders

The inworld store TP, click here: TONE 2

Find TONE 2 table at Free Dove!

TONE 2 Table is at Free Dove, this is the exact link location, TP clicking here: TONE 2 Table

These items are compatible with Lelutka, Catwa, Omega Advanzed, some BOM. Just check the box and grab your gift according to which head you wear!

She offers a lot of other amazing choices and products at her inworld mainstore for more choices and please, feel free to drop her a thank you note for being part of Free Dove and donating these wonderful gifts!!

Don’t forget to buy her products also! Check her marketplace.

Also you can join Signature Dove groups Dove Divas and Sexy, Fashionable Gorgeous Me and visit her store.



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List of Valentine gifts and their creators are…

Don’t forget to tp to their stores for more, they have more gifts and new Valentine releases for your special day!!

Free Dove celebrates Valentine’s Day!

Free Dove loves to celebrate as many holidays as possible and Valentine’s day is not the exception.

Climb the stairs of LOVE!

This is 2020 Valentine’s set up at Free Dove. Find the Valentines’ stairs and grab valentine’s gifts.

Beautiful gifts from many of our Sponsor designers!

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A New Year For FREE DOVE

This is entering another decade for The FREE DOVE. As you know The Free Dove was founded and created in 2005 and now is 2020, wow!! so many years has passed and Free Dove still there and strong and being one of the most popular Free gifts stores for avatar appearance and accessories and easy access store for new residents. It is also the store in which many designers trust to expose their name brand to be recognized and promoted. That is why Free Dove does its best to accept great designers and search for them.

Free Dove is also for the avatar that is not so new but still have a difficult time buying clothes at the moment but would remember later the designer that helped them once to look good to find a job in SL for example.

One of our goals this year is to rebuild the old old build, created in 2005, old prims yes, I know, but it is truly an old landmark in SL where everyone can recognized from the old days. But it is time to get a little more modern for the new player. It won’t be all fancy because we want to keep that traditional look.

I want to also give big thanks to Guy Linden for asking to sell me the SL private road that belonged to lindens for so many years and was donated to Free Dove last year. This road divided part of the sim. Now it is all together. This way now Free Dove is owning the entire Gallii sim and of course my home land since 2005. Being now 16 years for me, Palomma Casanova of being in Second Life.

I have wonderful designers that become sponsors of Free Dove, last year we had a few more that joined.

Some are older designers that have supported The Free Dove for a while with donations, participating in events, renting stores inside the Free Dove Plaza and also renting adboards and participating in past hunts. Hopefully, we can have a couple of hunts this 2020.

Some of our designers were doing all these were offered an individual table with their logos. Grab those landmarks at each table!! Many of the individual tables offer up to 4 gifts from the same designer. Some of the designer individual tables have male items also and shoes.

Here is also our new logo!!

If you would like a copy of the texture of this logo to add to your boards or walls, just send me IM. I also have panels!!

Keep joining Free Dove Group!! We are close to make it to 100,000 members this year. Thanks for your support…

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Free Dove wishes you to have the best year ever!


Keep visiting Free Dove and bring your friends…

Free Dove will be here for you in the year 2020! Always offering you gifts from Top Designers that we think you will enjoy.

Let these designers know that you appreciate what they do for FREE DOVE

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