Christmas at FREE DOVE

Its a beautiful time to visit Free Dove and find extra gifts for Christmas!

FREE DOVE has a GOLDEN tree this year.

I am Dove, the owner and founder of FREE DOVE and wish you all a safe and blessed Holidays!

I have been inviting our Free Dove designers to come and share a Christmas gift under the tree. Visit us all the holiday and grab gifts

Here is the list of amazing designers leaving some gifts!!

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Visit their mainstore also!! Most of these designers have Advent Calendars and many Christmas items and gifts!

Here are some of the gifts under the Golden Tree at Free Dove

1 Hundred gift updates

Five gorgeous gifts by 1 Hundred at Free Dove now. 1 Hundred has been with Free Dove for a few years now and is one of Free Dove great supporters

Visit 1 Hundred mainstore

Gifts from 1 Hundred now at FREE DOVE

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1 Hundred store now with her own table at Free Dove

Thank You, 1 Hundred!

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Free Dove added


Lots of wonderful designers that have join Free Dove and still sponsoring since the start 2005. We also have seen some that come and go because of RL circumstances or just very busy but many have been there and part of it. To all those designers, in this beautiful giving season and I wanted to say THANKS!!!


When you visit Free Dove, please visit the wall of sponsors and click the frames with their logos, they have their landmarks for you to visit their stores!


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Halloween celebration

Come for gifts!!!


Designers and Sponsors offers for Halloween

[WellMade] Exclusive

Super Exclusive and created just for FREE DOVE

Now at Free Dove, one of our lovely designer, Thidelly has updated her gift to another exclusive for only FREE DOVE.

This is the Radmila Outfit….

This special gift is for users of Belleza, Freya/isis/venus, also Ebody Classic and Maitreya, also Slkin, TMP, Tonic (Curvy and Fine) and Fitmesh!!

Lots of mesh body choices

Located at this link…. (click here) But don’t forget to join FREE DOVE GROUP!

Visit her store at [WELLMADE]

Also [WellMade] offers beautiful PROMOS at her store location

Thanks to WellMade that is a great sponsor of FREE DOVE!

Recent updates in September


Beautiful mesh dress for Maitreya, Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya) also for Slink and TMP

Find GISELLE at Free Dove!


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Gem Gallery since 2006. Has been part of FREE DOVE since then.

Beautiful Necklaces in marron and Turquoise Cluster Set

Dellybeams <——- (teleport to her store by clicking store name)

Updates at FREE DOVE

Month of August 2019

Another update at Free Dove is by ::Fatal Fashion::

Designer is Stefhany Ruby. She is a designer that joined this year and this is the 2nd time she updated her gift.

::Fatal Fashion::

Beautiful black mini dress, with hearts. A complete set with shoes and accessories.

Click here to tp to ::Fatal Fashion:: store

This is now at Free Dove for you to grab!!

Next is D!vine Style store..

Beautiful underwear for the ladies that can use Omega Appliers

This is also for the avatars that use the system body “Classic Avatars”

Visit D!vine Style (click store name to tp to the mainstore)

Remember to join the group and be sure you are showing the tag of this group, “Blessed by a Dove”

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Joining Free Dove is DAF02

A talented designer has joined Free Dove this month. The store name is DAF02 same as his name.

FREE DOVE has welcomed him and FREE DOVE logo also appears now at his store for his great support.

Lets follow this great designer that loved to donate to FREE DOVE this beautiful outfit.

The outfit is great for bodies… Maitreya, Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus, and SLINK Hourglass and Physique.

Lovely cropped camouflage outfit, with cute shorts! perfect to go have fun and explore in SL.

Don’t forget you need to join FREE DOVE GROUP to grab this free item.

Visit FREE DOVE now! (Click Free DOVE) to teleport

Visit his store also and join the group at the store

Click here to teleport to his store DAF02

Thanks from Free Dove for joining!