Who is joining Free Dove in the summer?

Lets check some amazing and creative designers that are joining The Free Dove in the last couple of months

We have MOEKO with this gorgeous super cute outfit. It is for mesh bodies.

Free Dove always have a variety of items. Some gifts are for classic avatars and others for mesh bodies. Be sure you read each box.

MOEKO is a new designer at The Free Dove. Click to tp to our store

Join the group Free Dove to grab this cute dress from MOEKO and click also to visit MOEKO Mainstore

Two new POSES designers that joined FREE DOVE also are:

Biahmore with”BELIEVE”

Posing Mainstore at: BELIEVE (tp to main store by clicking here)

Super cute pose

Don’t forget to join the group!

Another pose designer joining is xxmoren4xx


joins The Free Dove!!

Beautiful pose from EVA POSES and this one is FREE at The Free Dove. Just teleport to Free Dove and the poses table is in the back of the store.

Don’t forget to join the Free Dove group to be able to grab these amazing gifts.

Updates in April or May

Check this out people…

We have some great updates, I am sorry I haven’t been able to update many of these gifts, time goes so fast and also Dazzle Event is requiring also a lot of my attention and the Free Dove Plaza!

Here we have a gift updated in May from Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs

This gift Jezzixa created it EXCLUSIVELY for FREE DOVE, cannot find it anywhere else of course…

TP To Free Dove!

Click here to tp to FREE DOVE

Next, we have another update by AnaStyle…

Another Cute outfit, but more casual, jeans shorts, super sexy shirt! Boots, must have feet by slink. Not only that comes with a cute necklace, earrings and a bracelet…

Great also for mesh bodies but read the box to see which mesh bodies but also great for classic avatars, just be sure you have the alpha with the correct size.

eBODY at Free Dove

Free Dove now offers the FREE Version of eBODY!!

eBody classic and eBODY curvy FREE VERSION
is now at Free Dove

Just need to join Free Dove group….

Click here to join Group

Click here to tp… 2nd floor at Free Dove
Click here to Teleport to where eBODY Free Version body is at


This is the FREE VERSION only of eBODY.

There is a 900L FULL VERSION without updates and

a 2500L version with lifetime updates available ONLY at eBODY Store.

Click here to teleport to eBODY mainstore

Join eBODY group at anytime for more information!

Free Dove lots of updates in 2019 from Free Dove Designers


To all fans of Free Dove, wow, I feel I have abandoned you guys, but no, I wouldn’t do that. I just have so much to do, has been a little difficult to catch up on all these updates at Free Dove.

But Free Dove is full of loyal members and even tons of visitors each day that I know you are grabbing all these great updates. There are updates since November!!

Let me list a few here and I will continue hopefully listing all of the ones I could add.

I will start some recent ones first. I will continue adding more, bare with me and visit us at Free Dove!!! It is not only these three!! TONS! πŸ˜‰

  • D & D Fashions & Design

Designer is Diday Nirvana.

A beautiful black dress. Super sexy

  • Luxe Paris

Designer is Mika Palmyra

A lovely iced pearl outfit. Delicate Tank top, skirt and it sandals

  • ~EccentriciXi ~

Beautiful sun green dress with bikini. Casual dress… Perfect for spring and summer coming up!

Renovations of the FREE DOVE PLAZA

The Free Dove Plaza located at Gallii and next to FREE DOVE now with twelve stores by great designers.

Click here to tp to FREE DOVE PLAZA

Come on down to check the bargains at The Free Dove Plaza, located next to Free Dove Fashion.


Zoom store, new at Free Dove plaza. Located right when you teleport on the east side of Free Dove. Beautiful and fun outfits for the mesh avatar. Also offering a beautiful dress gift for 1L. Can’t miss it!


Anny’s Fashion brings us a gorgeous freebie. Just click the small bag at the desk.

at the store more beautiful outfits some inexpensive 60L-85L

Find next to Anny’s Fashion


Check it out the “Blue Heaven” Discount Vendor around 99L

One of the favorites


Come play the “Surprise Hair Sale”
Do you dare to to try something new??


A variety of Mesh shapes and Classic
Come find a 15L small gift at her store

—>Cygnus Designs

with Mesh Clothing and Furniture
also System Layer and Applier Clothing
Playable Chess Set
Candle Collections and more. Visit Cygnus Designs

—> Sweet E’s

Find the two lucky chairs inside the store

Lovely Mesh clothing with great prices


Limited offers!!
Female gorgeous sundress and Male Shirt
for only 49L


Super Fun Gadget store
you can find here a few gadgets that you would
love to put at your home or apt
Memory Games, pillows or cushions where you can
spell words for your friends and love ones

The love bubble for couples or single, that you can meditate
and float, pictures, crates, and more


Lovely store with most currents outfits to wear. Casual items.
New releases and we found a gift!
Gorgeous Belted Fur Jacket
(Don’t need any group to grab this Jacket)
Lots of gorgeous items at this store

Even Go Go Boots with 30 textures!

Boots promo for only 149L


Super Sexy store with exciting sales
You will love this eyepatch

for only 99L
and a lot of great casual outfits and shoes


Beautiful outfits and shoes from S&B, managed
by Wandysse
Inexpensive shorts, shirts, jeans, jeansuits
all casual for your fun times

We hope to see you at FREE DOVE!