Sorry all, I forget to tell you that Gidget from Gidget Styles is so good to us and every month she loves to update her gift box for all of us at Free Dove!! So, I do want to remind you that. What a lovely designer to do that for Free Dove!!

But just most hurry before she update again. It is the 24th of October, around 7 more days before she updates for November.  A nice design perfect for classic body.

Don’t forget to visit her store also for more and let her know if you can that you are looking forward for her participation on the Free Dove Mini hunt for the month of November. So look up for this awsome designer!

I tp’ed to her store to be sure of the landmark… here is her tp, click here  Tp to Gidget’s Style 

I saw a big spider!

Keep shopping, forget the spider, and have fun shopping!! I saw this nice looking dress for sale! Here is it.

This dress’ name is “PARIS” is for 169L$  at her store!

Oh, here … join her group also!  Click here to Join Gidget’s Style Group!