Designer Application

Thanks for thinking of Free Dove to help others with your designing talent. Free Dove accept designers that are well organized, responsible and that show creativity.

Free Dove also has looks for DEDICATED and SERIOUS designers that are supportive and that also enjoy to be supported.

FREE DOVE, gives to the community but also is here to promote for free the designer. I would be happy, if selected to promote your name brand store. Free Dove is not only for the new designer, it is also for the designer that has been  established for years in SL.

Read below for what is to be an sponsor for FREE DOVE.


* At least 2 month established and active store (INWORLD Store)
* Must have a mainstore inworld. Your Mainstore must have more than 15-20 items created BY YOU. FREE DOVE does not accept any Franchises.
* Will ONLY accept mainstores well organized and well decorated. Not interested in a 10 x 10 mall establishment or 10 x 10 box in the sky.
* Prefer stores that have a special area where they support other fashion groups and events.
* To be able to do notices in Free Dove group you must be accepted first as a designer and be willing to understand and follow rules and participate in some of Signature Dove activities and be willing to place Free Dove and other group logos at mainstore. I give, you give.

*FREE DOVE, really wants to promote the designer accepted if you are selected.*

*FREE DOVE does not accept every designer*


Will NOT Accept:

* If you are not a designer and you have items that you created for fun with sl building tools or just items you tests with photoshop, or schools fun test creations and then want to donate anywhere. (sorry) Enjoy what you do but I cannot collect these items from everyone that enjoys building in SL with no intentions of continuing designing.
* Super new designers that are not well established and sure of what they want to do in their designing future.
* Closed stores or marketplace stores only, again, must have an active location.
* I don’t accept just unknown objects just dropped on my inventory without description that can hack my account. Especially if the account less than 2-3 yrs old.I will decline them.
* Will not accept notecards promoting YOUR FREEBIE IDEAS. Freebie collector is not my activity in SL. I WILL DISCARD ALL that!!
* If I don’t need your item at Free Dove, please understand.

*No Nudity items, no sexual related. Stay PG

Please do this to apply:

— Copy paste to a NOTECARD in world the following questions already answered.

— Your  Account Name in world:
— Your Store Name:
— Landmark UUID:
— Attach picture of what you want to offer
— Your facebook, flickr, blog if any

FYI: I will only accept designers willing to participate in other activities of Bundle of Dove Signature such as Mini Hunts, Dazzle Event, Holiday extra gifts, Bonus events with Bundle of Dove Signature, using ad/boards, regular updates of your gifts, to use the group for FREE notices.

* I Will answer your notecard after I can check your mainstore, if I am interested. Give me at least 2 wks.

** Free Dove “Freebies”= Professional items only from talented & established designer.
** Must follow Rules in group & placement

You can also contact me by email @ *smile*

DO NOT DROP ME incomplete notecards without the info I need