Firelight Hair!!

FIRELIGHT HAIR it is own by an awsome lady Theresa Firelight. She joined The Free Dove for more than a year already and has dedicated time to help the community that visits Free Dove. She loves to share her creations with new residents and all around visitors and members of Free Dove. Special thanks to her. Send her a note for being there for you if you grabbed her hairs. To grab her gifts and all the other gifts at Free Dove you must join the group “The Free Dove” and be sure the tag “Blessed by a Dove” is visible over your head.

The Free Dove Group <—– (Click group name to join)

Also, click here to teleport to Free Dove:Β  —-> *TP TO FREE DOVE*

Gifts at Free Dove from Firelight are…

and also she rezzed a male hair …

Not only she has all these gifts but also she has a mini store at our Free Dove Plaza area where she uses it to place her discount hairs. A must visit store!! It is easy to see from teleport area.

Firelight Discount Store at Free Dove Plaza

the Firelight Free Dove Plaza store looks like the coolest hair salon… makes you feel like you are in RL ready to do your own hair!

Firelight also has her mainstores. Two of them. She works very hard!! Three locations!! Two bigger stores and the discount one.

These are the locations of the both stores. Click the teleport links to teleport to either of them. Both of them are gorgeous stores and you will have fun visiting them.

Rhoda sim: (Click here)

Flawless sim:Β  (click here)

Last but not least! Free Dove is part of her partnership support groups as you can see at each of her store wall.

She has been part of our Dazzle Event in the past and might return in the future. Right now she is featuring a new release at Swank Event. Swank and Free Dove are media partners!

Find her new release at Swank!

Hopefully soon she can become a Sponsor at Free Dove and participate in one of the yearly mini hunts!!

Thanks again Theresa!