Today Dove wears clothes from Graffitiwear. But first, I wanted to tell all members of Free Dove that there is an update by Graffitiwear. This time Chalice updated her casual outfit for a long more sophisticated dress. A beautiful shimmer gown!!

So tp to Free Dove, click here  tp to Free Dove

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A lovely update by Graffitiwear


Not only that, she just has for sale an exclusive today AT HER STORE, click here to tp to her store also   TP to Graffitiwear

to get this amazing outfit.

Today is my “Dove Special Wednesday’s Wardrobe” and thought would be cute for you to see

Graffitiwear for 195L and fatpack for 400L

Super cute!! Don’t forget to grab this and stop by Free Dove to update Graffitiwear’s update!!