As usually I like to do, and show you in my series on Wednesdays, sorry I skipped a few, so much to do!! lol but I have fun checking some items inside my inventory that I even buy from our Free Dove designer’s members stores or sometimes a designer from Free Dove finds me a nice wardrobe and I love wearing it because these designers do so much for us giving to Free Dove.

So, this Wednesday I am wearing this awsome dress from [WellMade]

Now, please read! this dress is NOT at Free Dove, you have to get it at her store. She has a great price for it. The name of this dress is [WM] Marceline Dress… 125L  It just an adorable dress to wear and has a nice hud with awsome colors of fall as you can see in my picture.

This is the marketplace dress at 125L. Gorgeous, can use all kinds of colors and change your  outfit all the time.

Look how it looks on me!

MarketPlace Item~Click here

Or just tp to her store by clicking here:             Click to tp to [WellMade]

However our designer, Thidelly does have a wonderful outfit for free, is this one:

I posted this one for you also not to long ago…..

Remember to join the Free dove Group to grab Manuelle Outfit

Click here for Free Dove Group and to tp to Free Dove….       Click here to take a tp to Free Dove