Beautiful clothing and accessories are hidden and for you to find. This month you have three designers which each of them has 10 gifts hidden between Free Dove and their mainstores.

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These are the hidden objects for each designer….. Let’s start with Emerald Couture



This is an amazing August Hunt at Free Dove because we are featuring three stores!!

A little about the designers….

✻✻✻✻✻✻ EMERALD COUTURE ✻✻✻✻✻✻

The designer of Emerald Couture is JieJie Emerald

JieJie Emerald, a creative designer that owns Emerald Couture, her main store with casual, classy, and elegant clothing. She has been part of Free Dove for years and years and always loves to dedicate time to the visitors at Free Dove adding extra gifts from her part to continue helping them with free items.


~ Carola, an amazing and dedicated designer from Spain full of ideas and creativity. Never gets tired of creative bringing her audience her ultimate ideas. Loves to create wonderful textures. Her time in SL is all to create a great line of clothing.


~ MadCatClaudia shows in her designs simplicity and a lot of colorful art inside her clothing line. She loves to challenge herself every day because she learns something new no matter how long it takes her to make it or how long she has been designing in Second Life. Creating clothes and maintaining her main store in order sure relaxes her at all times.