She has been blessed and she wants us to be sure that we are all blessed. Have you seen the well known Free Dove tag? “BLESSED BY A DOVE” Yes!

Ameliax Xue, the makeup creator of Amis Cosmetics wanted us to always remember about being blessed and decided in creating a beautiful face tattoo with the words “BLESSED” over one of your eyebrows. Isn’t that an adorable thought? Thanks, for thinking about Free Dove by doing this!

Ameliax, bka ღ Ami ღ was excited to join Free Dove and do something special. She created also another tattoo with a dove on the cheek.

Take a look:

This gorgeous tattoo has been created for Genus heads however is a BOM Tattoo that many other heads can also wear.

They are separate layers or you can also wear them at the same time.

AMIS is the name of the store and this store is full of gorgeous makeup. She concentrates to create more for the Genus head. She mentioned she will be creatings more BOM in the future for BOM users.

To get this gorgeous tattoos (same gift box) just teleport to your favorite store, The Free Dove!! This gift is exactly at these coordinates, just click here to these coordinated by clicking: AMIS GIFT

And of course don’t forget to join the group. THE FREE DOVE GROUP

Please, remember to visit our sponsors, check their stores, support them and join their group also.

To teleport to AMIS store for more, click here: TELEPORT TO AMIS COSMETICS

Beautiful store to enjoy. Time to buy!

These gifts are at her store location. AMIS COSMETICS is participating with the Stay at Home Club also! She is keeping herself busy!

She also love participating in other events. She has participated in the past with Bundle of Dove, back then Dazzle Event and we hope to have her at Bundle of Dove event again in the near future.

Thanks everyone, and thanks AMI for this gorgeous gift. It is an honor to have you and we appreciate having you at FREE DOVE!