About CATWA head for FREE, yes FREE!!!

Probably the first head for FREE that Catwa releases in the last two years, this is what someone mentioned to me.

Catwa is NOT one of the sponsors at FREE DOVE and this head IS NOT at Free Dove but I do love informing Free Dove fans and visitors when there there are free mesh heads or even a free bodies that are great to have. This head is offered at their Catwa sims.

This head is gorgeous and also which is great about this h head is that the heade is UNISEX!!!

The sim is super full so be patience to log in that sim. You will probably have error when you tp but keep trying it. Try and try until you get in. If not come the next day!

Here is a beautiful picture of the head.

This head has great features, it is a bento head also. Beautiful animations. Please, refer to their website, click here: Catwa Website

There are three locations where you can get this head, try in any of the landmarks.

They mentioned that is a limited offer but since people are not able to tp to the full sim I am sure they will leave it for longer.

Here are some landmarks

Catwa landmark 1

Catwa landmard 2

Also you need to join their group. They have two groups!

Remember, Free Dove do offers the Free Version of eBODY. I like reminding about this body because this body is gorgeous. This body will go also well with that Free Catwa head that Catwa is giving away at their mainstore. Get the Free version eBODY by clicking here to tp to Free Dove. Go to the top floor and join the Free Dove group for the free version of eBODY.