To all fans of Free Dove, wow, I feel I have abandoned you guys, but no, I wouldn’t do that. I just have so much to do, has been a little difficult to catch up on all these updates at Free Dove.

But Free Dove is full of loyal members and even tons of visitors each day that I know you are grabbing all these great updates. There are updates since November!!

Let me list a few here and I will continue hopefully listing all of the ones I could add.

I will start some recent ones first. I will continue adding more, bare with me and visit us at Free Dove!!! It is not only these three!! TONS! πŸ˜‰

  • D & D Fashions & Design

Designer is Diday Nirvana.

A beautiful black dress. Super sexy

  • Luxe Paris

Designer is Mika Palmyra

A lovely iced pearl outfit. Delicate Tank top, skirt and it sandals

  • ~EccentriciXi ~

Beautiful sun green dress with bikini. Casual dress… Perfect for spring and summer coming up!