The Former Posh stores and Sassitude, merged to become “SASSY” now!! Designer name is our lovely “VampirePam”   but better known as, sweet “Pam” just call her that way! After a few time when she had a short break she went by POSH, then a few friends with her had the store Sassitude  but now, she has her unique store name “SASSY” … Don’t you love this name?

She had some hair before as POSH but now has been updated and all is now organized with correct landmarks and logos!!

Now to tp to SASSY to visit this great store…

I will tell you a little more about SASSY new releases at her Mainstore, but first, let me show you the hair that has been updated from SASSY’s store


These are the hairs that are now at FREE DOVE FASHION! Check these out


Regular and busty Rigged Mesh hair with color huds so you can pick the color you love! Especially pink that is so popular!

Aren’t those lovely two hairs for all the ladies? And well… the guys also get something!!

For the handsome men….



Ok, so here are some of the new releases from SASSY!!



cute dresses now for sale at her main store.. plus this fun jeans jumpsuit and others also at her store

Again, Click here for map to tp to Pam’s Mainstore, SASSY!


Not only that, SASSY is at Signature Dove.. DAZZLE EVENT!!! woot woot!!

You can find her display here!! Just click here, at this:  SASSY

Click here to teleport because she has such a nice Exclusive!!

Lovely dress, exclusively for our Dazzle event “Cherry Blossom Extravaganza” Theme

there are a few other colors for you to choose.


Well, there doves, this is one of the big updates at Free Dove, but don’t forget to stop at Free Dove for the free hair, just for you!!

and of course wear the title or tag of Free Dove group to grab the item

Click here to join the group:  FREE DOVE GROUP