This new update has been at the table maybe 3 weeks, almost a month and I forgot to post it, but here it is… From Evolve

Evolve is an amazing store. The owner and designer is Reign Congrejo, not only she is an awsome designer but the owner of my favorite magazine BOSL and Mr. and Ms Virtual World!!

So definitely look up to her and all the events she has for the community.

Here is her store address:Β  Β EVOLVE

If you just walk around this sim you will find more about BOSL and also from Modeling Information

So here is the picture of the beautiful outfit she placed now at Free Dove

Time to visit FREE DOVE, ladies!! Click for tp here

and of course don’t forget to join The Free Dove Group!!! and MUST show the “Blessed by a Dove” tag title so you can grab it.