Super Generous, wow… Introducing Ms. Izabelivanovic aka Bella… Her Mainstore name is “{LBB} LA BELLA BOUTIQUE”Β  … Beautiful human been I had the chance to chat with her while we were setting up her items. And by the way this is her mainstore Link… (Click Here)

First she ads clothings….Β  lets check it out…

My favorite color.. PINK!!Β  Β Shorts and a sexy top. It is an amazing outfit because has a hud with 24 other textures, so can wear it for long time. Fun earrings. Super fun. Looking at the photos it says is great for mesh bodies and classic

This could match with the long hair she left the ladies. It is now on the wall.

Totally hot! Purple is another of my fab colors. The hud has other different shades of purple.

Alrighty, lets check what else she left us!!

Ohh, guys are lucky too this time with this awsome designer.

Super casual outfit. I know Free Dove needs more male designers. Thanks, Bella for sharing these with the guys

Not only that it has the hud!!

And maybe for the guy that enjoy pastel colors, she left us this fun hair!

Kaori Hair. A hair that is tintable hairbase, and you can resize it. Experiment with new looks!!


And as you know…. NEED TO JOIN the Group FREE DOVE to grab these!

Teleport to FREE DOVE location!


Also join the group Sexy, Fashionable, Gorgeous Me, and you will receive a White Dove for Free!