I am very happy to see one of LUXE Paris designers to returned to Free Dove and update her gift box. Thanks for this beautiful update. Here is what they left us at the tables of Free Dove.

What a gorgeous dress!!! This dress is all for mesh bodies and standard SL Body as you see on the picture. Beautiful for a nice date, no doubt. So come to Free Dove to grab this dress. Of course we update our gifts every 7 months or so if possible, so you have time.

This is where Free Dove is, just click this link here:  FREE DOVE

Always join the group but be sure you are showing the group tag name “Blessed by a Dove”:  Click for group here:   FREE DOVE GROUP

And definitely and I am sure you will look for more from LUXE Paris. Here is a link to their lovely store. Lots to choose there!!!

Click here to visit:   LUXE Paris and you can join their group at:  LUXE Paris Group which is free to join.

I notice now the store has a nice contest, looking for “Look for the Year”. When you teleport there and want to enter this contest, be sure to get all the instructions and requirements.

Look for for this huge sign at the teleport entrance.

Here we have some of the new releases at her store, I want to show you that her store offers amazing designs by them.

These are super elegant new releases that you can find at LUXE Paris now!!! Aren’t those amazing? Today I am wearing one of them, because I love LUXE Paris style!!! So classy, elegant, sexy of course…

Enjoy the look of LUXE Paris…

Don’t forget to join FREE DOVE group and visit to grab the FREE blue dress that I mentioned at the very top!!

I am in love with this dress from LUXE Paris…  Actually wearing it today as I mentioned.

Here is a picture of my full dress from the store. I just decided to rezzed one of these fun carrousel and while at it I took a quick picture of the dress. This is one of the parks I own, the name is Peristeri Kids Fun Park that you are welcome to visit and bring your kids.