I just invited to Free Dove an awsome store “CONTINUUM”. The lovely designer isΒ Kiera Cameron. So, I decided to wear it around and wow, it is lovely!!

Just the style I love. This outfit you need to wear it because it shows all the nice curves of your avatar body without showing anything “private” *wink* and you still look super sexy!!

Here it is..

When I have a little extra time, I like to practice my photography “skills” in SL a little… I am not super in taking pictures even if I have so many years in SL. The lighting always messes me up, but I just went to my “still in construction” Garden of Butterfly area at Dove Goddess Romance Park by Dazzle and took these two quick photos there…

Hope they are not so bad doves…

as you see, I love butterflies and was a quick photo.. but you can see the awsome shadows of this dress….

So, come to Free Dove, join the group, don’t forget!!! And remember you need to wear and show your “BLESSED BY A DOVE” tag to grab it or it won’t work if you don’t show the title. If you have questions on group title, click the instruction box that you see to the right menu of this blog and it will explain to you how to fix it if the tag is hidden.

Click here to join the group:Β  FREE DOVE GROUP

And to open the map to teleport to Free Dove, just click here and it will teleport to your favorite store!!Β  Β FREE DOVE LOCATION

Don’t forget to visit CONTINUUM when you can!!!!

Click here so you can teleport to CONTINUUM after you grab her free gift from Free Dove