I am excited to present to you a new designer at Free Dove. Her name is Paulyta Miles. She has been designing for a long time in Second Life, not only make up but beautiful clothing and we are so happy to have her. You will find her gift at the make up table at FREE DOVE. Welcome to Free Dove, Paulyta!

Gorgeous, awsome lip colors for us!

Cute and awsome.

Omega Appliers for your face. Glitter and heart tattoo layers!!

Also visit her store at Click here for RIPROCK teleport  for more!! She has some awsome sales.

RIPROCK BLOG:  https://rockslstyle.wordpress.com/



To Grab the gift, remember you have to teleport to Free Dove and wear your “Blessed By A Dove” tag. Must be visible.

Group to join is:    THE FREE DOVE (Click here)

Teleport to Free Dove by clicking “Here”

Find the make up and tattoo table.

Thanks for the gift from all at Free Dove!


Check her items at *DAZZLE EVENT* in the month of August when the new event start. For more information check our Dazzle blog. www.dazzlesl.info