I hope most of you didn’t forget the October Mini Hunt. I am sure you haven’t. Constantly I see Free Dove pack of people. I am sure you come to grab the great gifts our October Mini Hunt Designers are hidding around.

As you know, well our three Excellency Star Designers are super amazing. By the way always when you come and visit the Free Dove blog don’t forget to check the bloggers.

We have a great designer from Gypsy Chic.


Look for red and white long roses like these

This is “Crisshoney Violet” which love designing and loves fashion, love to create in SL! Her inspiration is Bohemian & Shabby Chic

Visit her store in world. Teleport by clicking here:    Gypsy Chic

Find her at Flickr:  Flickr for Gypsy Chic

Join Gypsy Chic Group

Another of our Excellency Stars is Loordes of London (First time doing Free Dove hunt)  Love having her!  Our designer, Coleen MaCarthur which loves to design says her purpose inworld is to design. It is just a different world. And I agree with that and I am sure many of you also

Come to Free Dove!! Lets grab her gifts! Find this adorable pumpkin around Free Dove and also don’t forget to join the Free Dove Group 

At Loordes of London you might have to join the maintore Loordes of London group or join Free Dove.


These pumpkins are not big, they are small but not too small either.


Thanks Loordes of London for being part of Free Dove and for the terrific gifts!!

To know more about Loordes of London maintore and what she offers, here is some more info:

flickr for Loordes of London

Facebook Profile of Coleen



Another designer we have in October and definitely this month’s Excellency Star is Rainbow from GLINT

Rainbow has been a member of Free Dove for many years. And we want to see more of her amazing gifts with her jewerly!

Join Glint group also because the gifts at her store require her group, not Free Dove.



A little bit more challenging, no preview pictures included but just make it fun!

Glint’s Marketplace


Don’t give up easy if you don’t find the gifts fast! No cheating either!