In Free Dove one of my fav makeup designers! She is Tara from Shiny Stuff!  If you haven’t gone there to her store, you have no idea how much you are missing. I even love going to go there to inspire myself, maybe someday I start making makeup! lol but omg this designer has the best super duper colors for eyes and lips and nails…. If you want to spoil yourself go visit her store. Let me give you the tp here now before I forget:   Tp to Shiny Stuff (Click here)



but but, this is what I want to tell you now!

At Free Dove, Tara has two awsome gifts, but one is totally new, she added it the other day, not even a week ago. If you visit Free Dove and you didn’t see it, go back to get it. Here is a photo.

and of course, don’t forget to get the other gifts she has by it

Remember this logo:

And to go to Free Dove, you should know already, but just in case, here is a tp:

Click to go to Free Dove

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