New Free Dove designer….

Free Dove invited another awsome designer… Her name is Dakota, her store is  DM:::

I went to her store I thought was so much fun, I thought she would be great at Free Dove…

She left for the sexy ladies at Free Dove a fun casual outfit to wear and go just anywhere and have fun.  Time for shopping or go to the park… what you think? Here is a picture… so just tp to Free Dove to get it!!

And while you are there, take a little extra time to participate on the monthly mini hunt in progress!!

TP to Free Dove!!  Click here and don’t forget to join The Free Dove group!

Dakota’s mainstore is “DM:::”  click tp here to visit for more  TP


Happy Valentine’s Day from Free Dove




Thanks to our designers for being part of this Valentine’s Day 2018!

Enjoy your day everyone. Thanks for always keeping Free Dove alive and running for 13 years in Second Life.

As always, there is a holiday table for you at the store. A few designers shared the love with you.

These designers are:

caramelodefresas                    Tp to store for more, click here

YDEA by Emy Burt                   Tp to store for more, click here

EccentriciXi by EccentriciXi &  Jimi Xi     Tp to store for more, click here

D!vine Style by Dollen McMillan and Dyannia           Tp to store for more, click here

TRS with amethestpearl          Tp to store for more, click here


Thanks to these awsome designers that are on top always helping FREE DOVE and being super active with Signature Dove activities. So please visit their maintores.

TP To Free Dove!!!    FREE DOVE Store

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Update Today From ::FurtaCor::

Our dear Marinnah Mayako, the creator of ::Furtacor:: left us a brand new update on the casual clothing table at Free Dove. Beautiful Beautiful and Beautiful!

Thanks Marinnah!! We all love FurtaCor items!!


This gorgeous dress is for Maitreya body, Slink, TMP. Remember now that Free Dove offers to mesh body users also. Some items might not be only for classic bodies.  This gift has a hud with other color and textures…

Free Dove not only help new residents but also older residents.

However, not only come for the free item but stop by to Marinnah’s lovely mainstore at ::FurtaCor::,   Click here to ::FurtaCor:: Mainstore

TP Click to Free Dove

Join Group here:  The Free Dove Group


Updates at Free Dove, Check them out!!

From (former Dulce Design NOW is SALTY) this wonderful and super but super sexy dress.

Also, another update by TRS,

Lovely Teirra Dress with lace all in pink or purple? Lovely anyway both colors…!!!

These dresses are great with different mesh bodies and classic when wearing the alpha of course.


Lovely these two updates: Mainstore map landmark are here also. Teleport for more at their stores



Always remember to wear the the group of Free Dove!

New Designer Joining Free Dove this week

I met this fun designer. I love her store name *Caramelo de Fresa* Beautiful mainstore and lots of gifts in there also. Not only that she left two gifts at Free Dove. The other gift is a gorgeous Flamenco dress for those that love to dance the Flamenco dance!! This is for the first time at Free Dove we have this type of dress. So, come on down grab both dresses and get ready to dance the Flamenco dance!! Exclusive for Free Dove

Enjoy these!!

Wear your group of Free Dove :  Click for Free Dove Group

TP to Free Dove!! TP Click to Free Dove

And after you grab your free  items, teleport to Caramelo de Fresa for more stuff!!  *Caramelo de Fresa* click tp