The beautiful FREE DOVE is here for you!!

Visit us at (click here) FREE DOVE

The Free Dove is an institution of SL since 2005, created by Palomma Casanova.

Back in the days, I had the dream to help the new residents to know the names of top designers in SL while at the same time the new resident could dress with top designs from these amazing designers.

Free Dove wants to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SECOND LIFE 15th Birthday and celebrate all this time together.

Thanks Second Life for giving me the opportunity of bringing FREE DOVE to the public!!


Come and enjoy the beautiful gardens and the Free Dove Plaza by it with 12 other discount stores.

Join the Free Dove Group!

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KITTYCATS at Free Dove!!

Yes, it is KITTYCATS, now at Free Dove to celebrate their 7th birthday. It is an honor to have Kittycats at Free Dove for sure.

Just click the sign by it and get all the information to this fun hunt that is around different places in SL.

Grab the blue kittycat which is the male and return to get the female after you hunt all the other clues to be able to grab the female.

Starts at your favorite place:  THE FREE DOVE  (tp to Free Dove)

AsHMoOT is at FREE DOVE now for good!

AsHMoOT did an awsome Mini Hunt in May, remember? Well, everyone missed Kristabel gifts….

I invited her to add a gift on Free Dove tables and she did this fab item that all ladies will go crazy for it!  I think men too !! but to see the ladies this sexy!

Check this out!

Ms Dove is a little shy to wear these, so will not try to take pictures on my avatar lol  but I am sure it will look amazing in any gorgeous avatar out there. This is summer times !!! Take advantage!!

And you MUST but MUST visit AsHMoOT store because this is like a designing museum store. I even love to hang out there, doesn’t even look like a regular store to me. Kristabel is one of the most creative designers and decorators. Not only that she has her own photostudio you can visit and have her take your picture for some fee, but is worth it!!!

You will find nerd glasses like the ones I wear at times and hats and jewerly, hair. If I am not mistaken she said she might add some of her hair at Free Dove. I will keep you posted if that happened.

Click here for AsHMoOT

When you visit this store, you will see what I mean.. and thank her! why not!  is nice she did a mini hunt for Free Dove and now she added this wonderful gift

You can join her group also once you get to the store, I am sure there are some group gifts there.

Now, to grab this wonderful bikini you need to teleport to FREE DOVE  <—– Click here please

Of course, once you get there, join Free Dove group!!!    FREE DOVE GROUP   <—– Click here please

Remember about the group tag of Free Dove… always visible .. “Blessed by a Dove”

Until next time my dear doves…….  ♥


New at Free Dove!

I just invited to Free Dove an awsome store “CONTINUUM”. The lovely designer is Kiera Cameron. So, I decided to wear it around and wow, it is lovely!!

Just the style I love. This outfit you need to wear it because it shows all the nice curves of your avatar body without showing anything “private” *wink* and you still look super sexy!!

Here it is..

When I have a little extra time, I like to practice my photography “skills” in SL a little… I am not super in taking pictures even if I have so many years in SL. The lighting always messes me up, but I just went to my “still in construction” Garden of Butterfly area at Dove Goddess Romance Park by Dazzle and took these two quick photos there…

Hope they are not so bad doves…

as you see, I love butterflies and was a quick photo.. but you can see the awsome shadows of this dress….

So, come to Free Dove, join the group, don’t forget!!! And remember you need to wear and show your “BLESSED BY A DOVE” tag to grab it or it won’t work if you don’t show the title. If you have questions on group title, click the instruction box that you see to the right menu of this blog and it will explain to you how to fix it if the tag is hidden.

Click here to join the group:  FREE DOVE GROUP

And to open the map to teleport to Free Dove, just click here and it will teleport to your favorite store!!   FREE DOVE LOCATION

Don’t forget to visit CONTINUUM when you can!!!!

Click here so you can teleport to CONTINUUM after you grab her free gift from Free Dove

Hair, Hair, everyone loves hair… ~News~

The Former Posh stores and Sassitude, merged to become “SASSY” now!! Designer name is our lovely “VampirePam”   but better known as, sweet “Pam” just call her that way! After a few time when she had a short break she went by POSH, then a few friends with her had the store Sassitude  but now, she has her unique store name “SASSY” … Don’t you love this name?

She had some hair before as POSH but now has been updated and all is now organized with correct landmarks and logos!!

Now to tp to SASSY to visit this great store…

I will tell you a little more about SASSY new releases at her Mainstore, but first, let me show you the hair that has been updated from SASSY’s store


These are the hairs that are now at FREE DOVE FASHION! Check these out


Regular and busty Rigged Mesh hair with color huds so you can pick the color you love! Especially pink that is so popular!

Aren’t those lovely two hairs for all the ladies? And well… the guys also get something!!

For the handsome men….



Ok, so here are some of the new releases from SASSY!!



cute dresses now for sale at her main store.. plus this fun jeans jumpsuit and others also at her store

Again, Click here for map to tp to Pam’s Mainstore, SASSY!


Not only that, SASSY is at Signature Dove.. DAZZLE EVENT!!! woot woot!!

You can find her display here!! Just click here, at this:  SASSY

Click here to teleport because she has such a nice Exclusive!!

Lovely dress, exclusively for our Dazzle event “Cherry Blossom Extravaganza” Theme

there are a few other colors for you to choose.


Well, there doves, this is one of the big updates at Free Dove, but don’t forget to stop at Free Dove for the free hair, just for you!!

and of course wear the title or tag of Free Dove group to grab the item

Click here to join the group:  FREE DOVE GROUP