Updates at Free Dove

We love our Sponsors!!


Check this beautiful mini dress!!!

Find it at Free Dove, remember to join the Free Dove group, visible tag to touch this gift. Casual women table. Also visit AnaStyle Mainstore.

Another update from [>Ma’De<]

Lovely short dress… mini dress

Must check it out!!! Another sexy dress at the Women’s Casual table. Grab this gorgeous dress and definitely keep the landmark to teleport to the store for more. Here is a link to [>Ma’De<] anyway. Remember to wear the tag of the Free Dove group.


How about another super update!!

Composer Girls Fashion (!CGF)

another super designer that is part of FREE DOVE!

Awsome casual look, gray pocket jeans with Camo Ruffle Crop Top!

Visit her store for more great outfits. Teleport here:

Composer Girls Fashion (!CGF)

Lets show one more update on this post by…….


Love this cute Top, tye dye… can be worn by many mesh bodies!! Here is a teleport to Uncharted mainstore if you are looking for more things!


FREE DOVE is excited to announce that PROMAGIC just joined FREE DOVE. This store is just so beautiful, artistic, so modern. Beautiful place to shop for beautiful clothes.

Creator and designer of PROMAGIC is ΓΆ promagic. (check this creator’s profile by clicking her name). Beautiful creator, and so talented. It was a great pleasure to meet her and invite her to Free Dove. She said yes! She wanted to create something for Free Dove.

Beautiful necklace in pink, lots of details.

You can find this only at Free Dove. At unique table sharing it with Gayrin. Promagic has added one more gift!!!

Beautiful and sexy!

Table for Promagic and Gaury… TP HERE: Promagic

A beautiful store that is well worth it to visit…. Click here to visit PROMAGIC

Lots of beautiful New Releases!!

Thanks again, Promagic!

Wear the THE FREE DOVE GROUP to grab PROMAGIC’s gift at Free Dove, don’t forget!!


Snowpaws at FREE DOVE

Very sophisticated, classy, elegant attire, this is how I can describe this store.

Welcome back to Free Dove, Carrie Snowpaw bringing some of her beautiful gifts as she did before. RL took her away from SL a bit but now she is back and ready to continue her designing and not only that with original mesh content.

She has 4 gorgeous gifts at Free Dove. These gifts you would not find anywhere for free. Here they are, but remember to wear the Free Dove group to grab them:

So beautiful that Dove had to wear one and show how it looked!!

Her own table at Free Dove, Snowpaws is one of my favorite designer stores because of the classy look and elegance on each of the items she displays at her store.

The display table is at Free Dove, the coordinates are: CLICK HERE (Snowpaws)

Carrie gave me a balloon that has her store logo πŸ˜‰ “Snowpaws – Be unique” cute, huh!

Her store is beautiful by the way. Every visitor at Free Dove grabbing her gifts must take a moment and teleport to Snowpaws. Here is a link of the mainstore inworld.


Some current new releases!!

Thanks again Carrie for being part of Free Dove!!

Free Dove Hair Wall

To all the fans of Free Dove out there. I want more hair for Free Dove, what do you think? Of course.

I found this beautiful wall display and thought would be perfect to organize the hair we have and that way give a bit more promotion to our generous hair designers.

We have the following designers offering hair:

Here are some photos by stores:





Alli & Ali

..::RaDeX DesiGn::.

Lara AC

So0o Meshed Up

Thanks to all these designers that help Free Dove

Please continue visit their stores and support them!