A lovely designer from PAPERMOON, her name is Mina Pelazzi. I welcomed her this week and actually invited her to be part of Free Dove a few weeks back and she made my day because of this awsome dress. Not only she gifted us the dress but called it “Dove” so even more easy to find. Super amazing mainstore full of great items. One of my favorites. Free Dove Exclusive! *I will keep the dove*  *smile* To find this dress teleport to Free Dove, join Free Dove group and then find it on the casual women table. After this don’t forget to visit her store.Read More →

Another awsome update by “Gidget Styles” The cutest dress has arrived at Free Dove this month of August. A must see! Gidget took a few minutes of her time to come to Free Dove and update her gift with this cool outfit. A 5 mesh sizes, it is Fitted mesh. The name is “Tatum-Cranberry”. Perfect to go out to the park and have lots of fun with this look. After grabbing this don’t forget to visit Gidget’s store at: Gidget’s Style MainstoreRead More →

Need some extra accessories for the weekend?  Maybe a gold necklace and bracelet set? Free Dove has the perfect gold jewelry set idea for you from this amazing designer with her name brand [[ Masoon ]]. AmberChaudry Corpur one of Free Dove’s favorite designers since way back always keeping her Free Dove gifts updated with always super amazing gifts for the ladies. Come grab this asap. It is UnRigged Mesh and with resizer. Just tp to Free Dove, then once inside the building of Free Dove go straight to the accessory table right there when you enter. Here is a picture. Not only that, sheRead More →

We starting August with three more EXCELLENCY STARS! These designers are big contributors of Free Dove for months, now for the first time they are contributing 10 gifts for FREE DOVE AUGUST MINI HUNT! Let’s start with our Lovely designer.. Danielle Idigo from *LURVE* A little about Danielle: ~Why you love designing? What made you go for it? “I am a 3d Graphic designer in RL, and it made sense to continue working in SL. Creating something original and seeing the finished project makes me happy.” ~What inspire you to design? “My own taste in clothing inspires my next outfit design.” Find the small giftRead More →

Teresa Firelight is a new designer at Free Dove. Today I met this lovely lady and she brought for the Free Dove members this gorgeous braid. Her store name is “Firelight Hair” A Summer Braid, 5 shades of colors  (Black, Blond, Brown, Red, Pastel) Hud included so you can tint the color, Rigged Mesh Hair Visit for more hair choices at: Firelight Hair at Flawless and Free Dove to get this gorgeous braid at: The Free Dove at Gallii Join Free Dove group also to obtain the gift. The Free Dove Group (click to join)  Read More →

Before I go to bed to sleep a few hours because SL is so addictive… but I better sleep…!! Dainie from ARTIZANA, yeshhhhhh ARTIZANA… amazing designer in which we talked for a while… Visit her mainstore although she mention she will be moving soon but find her store and visit.. but she just update her gifts at Free Dove… here are the gifts she has now and only at FREE DOVE!!        Got a date? Simple… grab these from ARTIZANA, remember this store!! Gorgeous platinum dress and handsome attire for the sexy and classic elegant man out there.   *Dove*Read More →

OPEN AT : July 28.2017 This Summer Best Event…! 80 Great Designer In One Summer Trendy Sim Animations-Furniture- Decor- Clothes- Shoes- Skin & Much More More Info About this Event: http://eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com Representing and supporting FREE DOVE, they offer a gift when you join “The Free Dove” Group IMP: This gift IS NOT at Free Dove but at Aloha Fair The Free Dove secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about Teleport here grab the Free Dove gift look around and then come visit Free Dove and Fashion Dazzle all part of “Signature Dove” ALOHA FAIR: URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Ruins/142/127/28   TO COME BACK TO FREE DOVE CLICK HERE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallii/139/109/45  Read More →

July brought three amazing designers. If you still haven’t have the time to go, you still have a few more days… Lets review our designers… AnneAlyce from Dulce Secrets in her 2nd time bringing an amazing group of gifts as she did the last year. And for the first time we have Trinity from Petit Chat and Lillou from Lillou’s Designs. Lovely no? You gotta love them three… Just like that!! gotta, gotta, gotta luv them! Will miss them until next year.. but come, check out these banners with gifts This is from Trinity Yazimoto with PetitChat Here is Dulce Secrets with our AnneAlyce. LovelyRead More →

Here is an update that I never blogged about. But better  now than never because is cute cute!  TP to Free Dove because it is still there but for a short period of time. Gidget’s Style has a fun and casual dress, light blue. The name is Tara and you can wear it with some comfy shoes or sandals that I am sure you can find also at Free Dove at the shoe table. Gidget is one of our favorite designers, she always keep us update with nice gifts. So, don’t forget to stop at her store also. Check out her store, take the freeRead More →