Ready, Get Set…. GO GO GO to Mini Hunt at Free Dove

June’s EXCELLENCY STARS and the three SPONSORS this month are:



Caramelo de Fresas


At Free Dove, of course… Click here to see it on the map

and here click for Free Dove Group!

Maybe this helps!

Remember, the last 3 or 4 gifts are inside their mainstores.

You must find the first 6 or 7 at Free Dove….

Maybe you might have to join their store groups. It is optional since our Excellency stars can choose on that option.

Be patience and look around, they are located in easy places of the store. They are inside Free Dove, so don’t worry in looking around the plaza.


You can see the objects to look for at their banners, but in case, here they are also.

*For Alli&Ali*  Look for these

*For Caramelo de Fresas*  cute colorful gift box

*Little black flat boxes with a dove*


Enjoy your search!



It is getting close to end this MAY MINI HUNT at FREE DOVE!!

We have excellent designers!!

Alaskametro… Find this object…


Also we have…

AshMoOT, just find the object and you have great and amazing gifts!!


And one more designer is……..

look for this object…

Hope you are busy this last few days, will end on the 31st!!

Teleport to Free Dove and be sure you join The Free Dove group with your tag visible “Blessed by a Dove”

Other teleports to the designer’s main stores here… click the following



Mutiny in Heaven


Don’t miss it!!



Hilly Haalan gorgeous update!

Hilly Haalan, wonderful lady, well known designer of Second Life has updated her gift box at Free Dove. Hilly has been part of Free Dove since 2015, long time! She always sharing her talent with others and does that with Free Dove visitors. She thought was time to update and wow! what a lovely dress and just my type of dress! Super classy and elegant, for all the wonderful ladies out there. Here is a picture, just run and grab it!

Adorable!! Please, you have to look at the hud it has inside with 30 textures! Enjoy this wonderful gift

Teleport to Free Dove at:  (Click here)

Don’t forget it is very important to join the group and have your tag visible. Click here to join Free Dove Group!

Also, I decided to teleport to Hilly Haalan mainstore. Have you?  Wow!!! it is amazing, so much to choose from. She even have more gifts with joining group at mainstore.

One of the outfits I found at her store was this divine all black with roses one piece pants and comes with a nice leather jacket.

I just took a quick picture on the right, is me *smile*

Remember this is at her store and the next two also, you have to teleport to [hh] Mainstore.

Join her group also, for discount prices and free items once you get there.

Here is another dress to buy at her store!

But remember, only the one FIRST I wrote about is Free at Free Dove!





Joining FREE DOVE, great store MACI

Wonderful store by designer,  Magia Emolite has joined FREE DOVE!! Welcome MACI, a wonderful store.

She left the ladies this wonderful dress.

This dress is for MESH BODIES only!

– Maitreya Lara
– Slink Physique & Hourglass
– Belleza Venus, Isis & Freya
– Tonic Fine & Curvy
– The Mesh Project (TMP)

FREE DOVE now offers dresses for MESH BODIES and CLASSIC

Teleport to FREE DOVE to grab this gorgeous dress, click here for FREE DOVE LOCATION

Remember to join the group at FREE DOVE GROUP

If you want more of MACI mainstore, feel free to teleport to: MACI (click)

Maci can be also found in Facebook and Flickr

and Maci’s Marketplace




Follow Free Dove Facebook and Flickr and Join Free Dove Group also.

FACEBOOK: Free Dove Group in Facebook

FLICKR:  Find Free Dove in Flickr

Visit the FREE DOVE PLAZA & Cart Sales  


1HUNDRED Store is updating her gift at Free Dove

I got more for you!!! For the dear fans of Free Dove.

One of the favorite stores and designers of Free Dove is updating her box gifts!! And it is Ms. Sira Savira. The one and only… creator of this awsome store 1Hundred. One of the things I love about Sira is her hard work and dedication for her store and not only that how much she loves to help at Free Dove with her big caring giving heart.

Well, here are the new gift items:

2 gift boxes that you have to find at FREE DOVE!!

Very cute and super sexy. I love her pictures, they are super!

Now, don’t forget as I tell you usually. You need to join the Free Dove Group to grab these and have the Free Dove tag VISIBLE so it recognizes that you are a member of Free Dove!!

Here is the Location of FREE DOVE… can click here!

Check Free Dove Facebook and join the group too.   FREE DOVE FACEBOOK


Ok another thing about 1Hundred is that at her Mainstore she has a few releases.. but I wanted to show you two of them at least from her mainstore. Remember these are at her mainstore and NOT at Free Dove.

These are awsome super sexy NEW RELEASES from 1HUNDRED… Click here to tp to her Mainstore…. 1HUNDRED

Feel free to join her Group also when you visit 1 Hundred Mainstore  1 Hundred Group

1 Hundred Marketplace  is:   Marketplace

Her Facebook is:  Click here

Her Flickr is:  Click Here


Last but not least, 1 Hundred is participating at DAZZLE EVENT, with these gorgeous exclusives

Dang Gurl!!!!!!! If you want to look like these sexy girls, teleport to her display  at Dazzle

CLICK HERE (This is where display is at)


Don’t forgot to grab the freebie at Free Dove  and teleport to her Mainstore to see her new releases and to Free Dove.

Enjoy!! and thanks Sira!!