Pin Up Pin Up Pin Up Hoorayyyyyy, Another of the three Mini Hunt Designers

Lets talk a little about our awsome designer that took her time to be part of this month of June to leave 6 sexy but sexy gifts for ladies and don’t forget that 4 other gifts are at her store.

Let me show you her banner. More at the display of Mini Hunt Designer’s of the month.

Just find the yellow star in different area inside Free Dove. This is her first time doing our Mini-Hunt.

About our designer from Pin Up Helena Barrows. She is an amazing lady that I love. Immediately wanted to share love with Free Dove, new residents in SL and regular visitors of Free Dove.

~ Why you love designing? What made you go for it?
Helena says:  Because I love fashion and tattoos. I love creating the outfits and tattoos. It’s my favourite passtime

~ What inspire you to design?
Helena says:  Everything that surrounds me. I can see tattoos (mostly tattoos) everywhere. I stalk people who have tattoos RL to see their body ink

Her facebook Page:


Facebook Group:


What is your SL Group for your business? I am sure someone will want to join it.
Link the ID # if possible if you do, and the group name

Pin Up Tattoo


Lets talk about a great designer DeaconShaw From Serendipity

Owner & Designer of …
Stop at Free Dove to find his gifts (Free Dove)    (Serendipity)

**Welcome him back to do FREE DOVE’s Mini Hunt this year!!!
*Welcome  Deacon*

☆→ Find the small black gift box.
For men and for women items
A few gifts @ Free Dove and some at Serendipity mainstore. Fun to Find….

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

What is your SL Group for your business?
Link the ID # if possible if you do, and the group name

A little about Deacon our June’s Excellency Star


~ Why you love designing? What made you go for it?

Deacon says :  A friend brought me into SL over 8 years ago, and was teaching me the ropes, I was so bad at designing I gave up, but after a year or 2 I eventually got the hang of it, eventually, I decided to make a fresh start, and open my own store, to make my own decisions!!

~ What inspire you to design?

Deacon says:  Whenever I design, I put my heart and soul into it. I like to bring a smile on people’s faces. Seeing other people wearing my designs and hearing them complimenting me are the best things that motivate me to achieve my goals.

Check out the Mini Hunt display at FREE DOVE for more information!!

May Updates!!!

Let me take a little time to post in our new blog of Free Dove(still in progress) the fabulous updates we got at Free Dove in the month of May. You will be amaze many of them, gorgeous designs.



 Amazing design by Masoon.

Check it out

Lurve. Danielle our Lurve designer shared this free amazing sexy gown. Check the formal table.



Changed the lingerie free item from this amazing pencil dress. Some of Free Dove bloggers blogged about this outfit. Check our blogger wall

 Kingbalstore updated his items also.

Two for guys and other two for ladies. A nice red girl’s outfit Free item is matching with the guys Sweater/Shirt