May Updates!!!

Let me take a little time to post in our new blog of Free Dove(still in progress) the fabulous updates we got at Free Dove in the month of May. You will be amaze many of them, gorgeous designs.



 Amazing design by Masoon.

Check it out

Lurve. Danielle our Lurve designer shared this free amazing sexy gown. Check the formal table.



Changed the lingerie free item from this amazing pencil dress. Some of Free Dove bloggers blogged about this outfit. Check our blogger wall

 Kingbalstore updated his items also.

Two for guys and other two for ladies. A nice red girl’s outfit Free item is matching with the guys Sweater/Shirt




Time For JUNE’s Mini Hunt

Excitement is when new gifts from our mini hunts arrive at Free Dove.  A new month is here!!! Amazing gifts ahead. It is Summer Time also!!  Ready??

You just need to run to Free Dove and find these amazing gifts. But, now.. after you get the first 6 gifts at Free Dove, run to the designer’s mainstore. There are 4 more hidden gifts there. Don’t forget these!! While you are there take a look at their amazing sales…. you never know if you see something you must have!!

Don’t forget to always wear the group tag showing the group title for members. It is not enough to be part of the group. The group title “Bless by a Dove” must be shown. Just a special script we had to do since the land has another group. Crazy huh!!  In the future me (*Dove*) will try to see how to make it easier, for now this is the way to go.

Don’t forget that gifts can be anywhere. Even all next to other gifts at tables. Maybe over signs, maybe just floating around. So, not just look down. There is a second floor!! check for gifts there also. There are NO gifts outside but all at inside Free Dove…. Good Luck and have a great Summer!!

One upon a time I was browsing marketplace….

and saw these amazing nail polish. Soooooooooo sexy, well I had to, I just had to!!! Had to check on this nail polish designer! OMG OMG OMG, her store is this cutest store, you all have check it out. Well her name is Tarani Tempest…. I said wow, this designer needs to be part of Free Dove. So what did I do??? of course invite her immediately and she responded YES!! She knew Free Dove from back in her days when she was a new resident. Her store name is *SHINY STUFF*  CUTE NAME even!!!

Her gift are Glitter Nails and lipstick

Remember these are gifts exclusive for FREE DOVE! Can’t find anywhere else

Come get this guys…