Welcome 777 Motors to FREE DOVE

First ever vehicle at Free Dove! Thanks 777 Motors for being there for Free Dove

Free Dove wanted to provide a type of vehicle to Free Dove visitors and why not this adorable scooter.

We love it at Free Dove!! So come and grab yours and right all around the outside of Free Dove. Sorry you cannot ride it inside Free Dove but our Gallii sim has some nice paths and roads you can continue riding around.

You can find the scooter, right outside if you teleport to the Free Dove Plaza/Courtyard

Click here to teleport directly: 777 Motors Free Dove Scooter

Remember you need to join the group “The Free Dove” to grab this free item

Thanks to jamesnguyen94 aka James Garrison, creator of 777 Motors

Click here to tp to see other amazing vehicles!!! 777 Motors

Thank you James for sponsoring to Free Dove!!

MELT fashion store updated gifts

Back in March MELT Fashion Store updated all gifts! Let me remind you to teleport to the MELT table to grab these gorgeous gifts;

Click here to teleport: MELT Table

Here are the gifts pictures so you can see closer

The gifts Star Sailor are for Maitreya, Hourglass, Belleza, eBODY, standard

ROAMING Attire is for Standard mesh bodies… πŸ˜‰ Good for those that haven’t been able to purchase a mesh body yet.

Also, MELT‘s designer, “Kaydi – Winter Lazuli added extra gifts!!

Thanks MELT for leaving thes awsome gifts to our visitors!

Don’t forget to join our group (click here) “The Free Dove“. It must be visible over your head to click the box and receive.

Thanks Winter!

And if you want more from MELT, please don’t forget to click the link to her Fashion Store here… MELT and her Marketplace… Thanks!


Updated gifts by CHOP ZUEY

Not only CHOP ZUEY had a collaboration in March with us at FREE DOVE, it made so many visitors so but so happy. Free Dove wanted to say thanks once again!

CHOP ZUEY, our Belle Roussel, creator of CHOP ZUEY also updated gifts at her personal table at FREE DOVE.

Be sure you active the FREE DOVE GROUP to grab the gifts…

Two gorgeous bracelets for the ladies with multiple colors to choose from the hud included. CASSIOPEIA is a set of Choker and bracelets and STAY AWAY is a set of bracelets

Click to teleport here: CHOP ZUEY, link will take you straight to the table.

Another bracelet is for GUYS! CHOP ZUEY didn’t forget about the guys!

TACK NAIL is the name of the Necklace for guys, and has around 8 colors to combine with your clothes.

If you want more from CHOP ZUEY, remember to grab the landmark inside the gift or click the logo at the table and tp for more great jewelry, especially for engagements and weddings!!

The TP to her store is… and click here (CHOP ZUEY)… ~You will find amazing items~

Thanks BELLE for all during so many years!

Free Dove has a few March-April Updates

Update by Le’La

Be sure to join the group of Free Dove. Free Dove tag must be visible to grab these gifts!


Two beautiful mini / sexy dresses for the ladies and one romper, but please read the boxes to be sure the item is compatible to the mesh body of your choice.

Find these at FREE DOVE, check zone C of the Free Dove floor location. Free Dove building is divided in 3 zones. A, B, C

Click here for Le’La‘s table

These gifts are only offered at FREE DOVE!

Le’La mainstore (click)

Another Update by LYBRA

Lovely shirt and two more dresses, LYBRA has updated their table after the successful hunt he had at Free Dove!

Check well the type of mesh body you have and that is compatible with these items

LYBRA’s table is at: (click the name for teleport)

Zone A location at Free Dove LYBRA