Looking around the tables found something new at Free Dove

I forgot to post that EccentriciXi Mainstore put their new gift at Free Dove. I told you on August 16th that coming soon the designer from this store which she is a great friend and very kind person left a great gift. Remember that post “Wednesday wardrobe for Dove (Palomma Casanova)?  I said “coming soon” and then I didn’t post it. Sorry guys, but here is it now.

So teleport to Free Dove and find this adorable outfit for ladies.

Click here to tp to FREE DOVE

Join Free Dove Group:  Join Free Dove Group, click here

The outfit name is NEVIS. Great outfit that is mesh and wearable by mesh bodies and classic

After Free Dove, visit her store of course, at   Click here to teleport to EccentriciXi

I am so excited to see some great updates by AWSOME designers that I can only have love and gratitude…

These designers are just lovely… Great people, you guys need to visit their  mainstores and remember, always buy from these designers that love to help the community, not only grab freebies but also appreciate what they do for us at Free Dove. Here are a few:

Oh! and not only that, let them know where you heard about them!

This mesh hair by Meef from “Fabia Hair” is one of them, she brought a new hair, super cute, with a hud. For Free Dove. Wear your group of course!

Also, one of my awsome friend, a designer from the well known store [WellMade]. Definitely this store is well to visit!, she has so many sales. She is a great sponsor for Free Dove since she has done our mini hunt at Free Dove and participate usually in the event from Signature Dove, “Fashion Dazzle”  She left us some cute mini dresses. Check them out

A new designer that just joined Free Dove is mardust bka “Sharon A’chroí “. Super lovely lady I just met. Her mainstore is OH PAIR!… Lovely shoes!! Got to visit her store also. These shoes are awsome. I already grabbed my pair for my slink feet! Because you need to have slink feet for these


Lovely gifts for everyone, but don’t forget to visit their store and thanks them.


Hello Free Dove Fans! Look what was updated

Our lovely designer from Artizana, updated the dress that was at the table before, I posted here last time and now she has this lovely sexy dress for the ladies.

And also updated the men’s gift with this Lakana XI. Totally something different to have in Free Dove.

Lets tp to Free Dove to check these items:

Click here to take a tp to Free Dove

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Artizana Main Store Location:  Click here for Artizana teleport


Starting now in September, which I wanted in August but got to busy but I picked a designer that has always been there for Free Dove helping others. No  matter the circumstance she always teleport when needed. She always there to do mini hunts, always participates, donates and do Fashion Dazzle and never misses anything that is going on…

Congrats Rebellah Antoinette D’ Arcy (Deloreen)

Her logo is at the courtyard in Free Dove!

she is the proud Founder, Owner and Designer of Marquesse Pret a Porter

here is the landmark straight to her store. Visit her and say thanks for being part of Free Dove and helping Free Dove so much!

Founder, Owner and Designer of Marquesse Pret a Porter

Click Here to teleport to Marqueese

This is her store

Join her group:   Click here to join Marqueese group!

Don’t Forget September Mini Hunt has started

This month of September we have awsome designers (yea, like always, *smile*)

First you need to join the group, so click here:  Click me!

Be sure you show the title “Blessed by a Dove” if not you cannot get the gifts

Let me present to you our “SEPTEMBER EXCELLENCY STARS”

Three big sponsors of Free Dove. Two of them is their second time this year doing the hunt. One of them is the first time. Welcome to KingbalStore by Pablo

Remember 10 gifts!! Each designer. Six gifts at Free Dove and 4 at their stores.

Here are their banners so you can go by…

Roxie from ROA has “Bottle Wines” around

Join her group too!

 Click here to join ROA

to find the other 4 gifts, click this link here for teleport

Click Here to teleport to ROA

Emerald Couture, 2nd time participating in our mini hunts! Thanks Jiejie

Click here to teleport to Emerald Couture

Click here to join group of Emerald Couture

And for the first time is Kingbalstore

You can also join the designer’s group

Click here to join Kingbalstore Group!

Click Here to teleport to Kingbalstore

These are the objects you will look for!



Hey fans of Free Dove!!

Remember this post??  New Designer at Free Dove

Check it out, well I have news! Teresa, one of the newest hair designers at Free Dove is adding more hair for Free Dove Fans!, FOR YOU! our fans ladies of Free Dove…… Teresa has been so kind to all of us she wanted to share another gift!! More hair at Free Dove!! Who doesn’t love to have lots of hair choices? And not only that hairs with hud!!

What an amazing gift. Visit Free Dove to grab this long hair now by Teresa Firelight! It is called Axisia and it is placed on the wall by the men’s table area. As I mentioned before this hair has a hud with 8 main colors, but not only that if you choose a color from the hud and want it a little more darker or a litle more light then it has inside in the hud a color-wheel that you can give it that tint and choose the right one for you. Not only that, the hair comes with a resizer.

Go to Free Dove NOW!!  Click here:   The Free Dove at Gallii

Remember you need to join THE FREE DOVE Group:

The Free Dove Group (click to join)

And don’t forget because when you can please visit Teresa to thank her at her shop and check maybe she has some more hair for a price that you can afford.

Click here to go to her store :

Firelight Mainstore

Thanks for visiting FREE DOVE!! and Firelight Hair!



Ready for the Mini Hunt coming up in September???

We will have three cool designers….  Two of them are returning this year again… But all I can say is get ready!! And don’t forget to join our group The Free Dove….

Click here to join:    The Free Dove Group (click to join)

You must wear the title, “Blessed by a Dove”

Here are our September designers…

and KingbalStores for the first time with very unique gifts!!

So, wait for this Mini Hunt of September

Lets thanks our August Mini Hunt Designers and lets start visiting their stores!!

So you have until tomorrow to pick up all their gifts (August Mini Hunt)

(refer to their post for store landmarks)

ASTERIA, back to Free Dove again…

Free Dove had to change the land group to its regular group “The Free Dove”. Due to this, Free Dove lost a few of the designers that were there before. Some designers, slowly have returned their items, such as ASTERIA! So yes, I know she is one of your favorite … Look at this adorable cuteness black dress! What a gift from Kathrine!! Come to Free Dove to grab it…

Perfect for a sexy date, why not!!  Lovely mesh Mini Dress, can’t go wrong with black! Grab some jewelry also at Free Dove at the accessory table!


Wednesday wardrobe for Dove (Palomma Casanova)

**COMING SOON** at Free Dove Designer.. ECCENTRICIXI…

*Dove* (Palomma) wears today from EccentriciXi.  Soon EccentriciXi will add a free gift at Free Dove. But if you want to purchase  the outfit that Dove is wearing on the photo, just teleport to EccentriciXi Mainstore

Her main store is at:  EccentriciXi Mainstore

She is already part of Signature Dove which you can find her participation at FASHION DAZZLE!

FASHION DAZZLE  <—– tp To the Event by clicking here