Designers and Sponsors of FREE DOVE

Here is a list of all Designers that are members of Free Dove and their Landmarks


Abraxxa Anatine with Earthstone
AgataRosa with Monomania
Alaska Metropolitan with Alaskametro
Alice Klinger with Alli&Ali
AmberChaudry Corpur with  [[ Masoom ]]
AmethestPearl Resident with TRS
Anastacia Azalee with AnaSTyle
anny Burner with Anny’s Fashion
Atlante Guerrero with *Stars*
AyeskaRodrigues with Petry Model Store

Belle Roussel with Chop Zuey

Brianna Passiflora with Brii Underground

Bunniefrancis with PaperSparrow

Carrie Snowpaw
caramelodefresas with *Caramelo de Fresas*
Chalice Piers with Graffitiwear
Chigadee London with Couture Chapeau

Chriss Batista with Leven Ink Tattoo 

Clara Hoof with Uncharted

Cleo Twist with ESODE

Daf02 May with DAF02
Damoour Resident
Danielle Idigo with *Lurve*

Dainie Whimsy with Artizana
Dellybean North with Dellybean
Dollen McMillan with D!vine Style
EccentriciXi with EccentriciXi
Elagantia with Elegance

Elyse Sirnah with Sweet E
Elysiane Sapphire with Poeme
Emy Burt with YDEA

Eliyakay with E.K.

Gem Miklos with Yo Unique Couture

Giada Breyer with Pandomomo

Gigivox with Gigivox
hazan Abbot

Hillary Hadisson with BE BOLD
Hilly Haalan
iidexx with RADEX Design

inannaalexia with I n’ K Original 
isbel26 with Ishara Store

Izara Zuta with 7 Deadly Skins
JEZZIXA Cazalet with Jezzixa Cazalet for PRISM
Jheniffer with Cremosas
JieJie Emerald with Emerald Couture

Kaithleen Enchantment with Kaithleen’s 
kathrine Asteria with Asteria
Kimbra McMillan with Beloved Jewerly
Lilac Niven with AvaGirl

Looseer with GGVG
LucyHope Resident with Tiffany

Lybra Rage with LYBRA

Madcatclaudia Restless with MadcatCreations
Marinahh Mayako with FurtaCor
Meef with FABIA Hair
MelzaBHB with BHB
Miamilu Resident with {Le’La}
Mika Palmyra with LUXE Paris

Myles Harvy with You by GeMyles

Mr Menna with [MSN Design]

Nadrkenzi with BOA

Nandy15 with Nans
Nile Karas with FlowerDream

Ootekgezeroo with Kinsia
Pablo997 Resident with Kingbalstore
Pixieplumb Flanagan with Baby Monkey
Rainbow Fairymeadow with Glint

Reece Maloney with Alantori
Reign Congrejo with Evolve
Rocks Clary with ROA
RubyUppers & Elen Wemyss with Fortuna
Santino76 with Santino Design

Sansibarnixe with LOMO by [IBAN]
Satus9 Resident with Telehub

Selinia78 with Vesso Tattoo
Shine Messmer with Glitter

Sintikliasims with Sintiklia Hair
Sira Savira with 1Hundred
Snow Martiel with Bens Beauty

Stefhany Ruby with Fatal Fashion
Suna67 Galaxy with Suna’s Design
Tarani Tempest with Shiny Stuff

Teresa Firelight with Firelight Hair
Thela Inniatzo with Chaotic
Thidelly Resident with WellMade

Hella Hexem with WitchCraft
Vamilia Vella with Moonstar