The Ebody Free Version is always at FREE DOVE!! They have been FREE DOVE SPONSORS for a year or a little more. This is available for you guys and you can visit your favorite FREE DOVE STORE

Just teleport to the SECOND FLOOR of FREE DOVE. The Free version returns the 1L when you pay 1L however, you can use the menu and click “deliver” and you won’t need the 1L

Please don’t forget when you can save lindens that eBODY has an awsome Full Version at their store. Click here to tp to Ebody mainstore and you can grab the BOM Relay totally FREE.

However, lets share other news with you about two other FREE Mesh bodies that other brand names are offering even thou they are not Sponsors at Free Dove unfortunately but I love sharing to the fans of FREE DOVE because they do it to help us especially at this time when we are encouraging everyone to stayhome safe!!


I will not be in detail since they are not our sponsors, but you can find great videos in YouTube about it.

Legacy Classic mesh body, this body you can find it at the Legacy store. This gorgeous body is for females and males. I will share this landmark link with you. FREE DOVE loves to help new people in Second Life. You will have to join their group (no cost) and the tp to their Meshbody sim.. use this link: LEGACY

You will have to pay 1L to receive the body, no refund of this 1L.

Another Mesh body is the beautiful body of LUCYBODY, you just teleport there and click the MM frame. When this MM reaches 350 clicks of people wanting this body, you will receive it after when it reaches the limit. It is another beautiful body. For this you don’t need any group!!! The body is totally FREE!! Thanks to LucyBody or LucyShoes store… Click here to tp: LUCYSHOES

If you use BOM, with your Lucybody you will have to buy a hud BOM that they offer for 197L in the store.

I also wanted to share about the AK Mesh Head

This AK Bento Head is beautiful. You have to join their group in which cost 150L but the mesh head group gift cost 1L

You may teleport using this link [AK] – Akeruka Creations

About Genus Free Head:

According to their group notices

The gift head is no longer available and re-deliveries will not be possible at this time. With chat being broken and store not open now, they are unfortunately dealing with a DMCA problem, they are encouraging anyone who needs help to come on to discord and join there.

For those who have not been around (says the notice by Crymson Marder), the Genus mainstore will be closed until further notice. A notice from Crymson appears in the notices, explaining this: NOTICE

In my last post I did announce happily that GENUS was giving a beautiful FREE head, but sorry they had to suspend all this. *Dove*